Saturday, November 9, 2013

An Answer...

I was going to blog about Wednesday.

I was going to blog about Wednesday and how disappointed we were in the non-answers we received.

The girls had their big Neurology appointment on Wednesday and we were so hoping to hear "an answer".

We wanted a, "this what is wrong and this is what we are going to do about it" answer.

We wanted an answer as to why sweet Maggie cannot control her precious little body.

We wanted to hear that with good physical therapy, Lucy would one day run!

That is not what we heard though and we were left feeling saddened by what our girls might have to overcome or simply learn to deal with as they grow up.

Once again, I found myself feeling un-equipped for what we heard or did not hear.

There was just no "answer"...

or at least not the answer that we wanted...

and that was hard and left me feeling discouraged - but then...

 He answered

 and He answered in the way that He knew would penetrate my heart the most.

After the business of the rest of the day, my sweet Lizzie...

you know the one whom we thought might have the toughest time adjusting to her new sisters, the one whom we thought might not want to share us...
 or her stuff!

Yep, the Lord used that Lizzie to give me an answer but it wasn't an answer to our "what is wrong" question but more an answer to "what is right".

There is a question that comes up about our adoptions (spoken and unspoken).

It is a question that many adoptive families get, especially those who have adopted multiple times.

How will this affect your other children?


Don't get me wrong, I totally get that most people ask this out of genuine concern for our children but it still makes me sigh.

The Lord gave me an answer though as sweet Lizzie chose this day to show us what she had been writing in her journal at school.

Interpretation - "I love you Maggie and Lucy so much!!  They have cerebral palsy.  For Maggie, it affects her talking.  For Lucy, it affects her walking.  Lucy is like Charlie (loud - hehe).  I LOVE YOU MAGGIE AND LUCY!"

Yep, she had written about her sisters and about her big family and about how much she loved us - all of us and there was my answer.

Not the answers we had hoped for that day but the answer that really mattered.

Love, just love, unconditional and totally accepting.

I saw it in the face of our Emmeline that day on the beach.

You all remember those pics right?

Those beautiful pictures of Em realizing that her sister, Lucy, who walks very slowly and unsteadily had been left behind...

 and the joy that radiated from Em's sweet face as she went back to get her was my answer.

It was not a burden for sweet Em, but a joy.

A moment that was not lost on me and one that I use to remind myself of the blessings that have been gifted to us.

I was reminded again today as we watched our precious Lizzie play soccer.

After watching this amazing child just tear up that soccer field, our precious Lucy insisted that she walk across that field, all by herself, so that she could give her Lizzie a hug!  The look on Lizzie's face as she watched her sweet sister struggle to get across that field and walk right into her arms was all the answer I needed!

So, yes, growing our family through adoption has indeed affected our other children.  By allowing them to tap into to those precious fruits of the Spirit, they are learning (and are teaching me) that just loving unconditionally, without an "answer"...

 is the best answer of all!

  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23 

 His answers aren't always what we would like them to be but they are always the best answers and trusting in that is a constant work in progress for me but what blessings come from waiting on Him and staying on that sometimes rocky path!

Praising You in the good times and in the tough times Lord!


  1. I am praying for your beautiful family daily, Annie. Emmeline is so much her mama - and Lizzie's composition was a window to her heart. Love those girls.

  2. I'll tell you the other answer too- MOM! God gave them a mom to love them this much and LOve mends much. Blessings friend!!! Xoxo

    1. Dear Sharon!! You are so sweet! Thank you:)

  3. One step at a time!!!! Drs. are people too and they don't have all the answers. The love and compassion the girls are getting from your family will help them in all ways. They will be different girls next year! Julia's biggest wish was to run.....and she does! Not like everyone else or as fast, but she runs and she's happy! They are loved and that counts big time!

    1. Aw, Maria, that is AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for sharing that!

  4. Beautiful :) I find that I am reminding myself so often as a parent about what those things are that REALLY matter. We're a bit behind you in the family building stage, but even adding our second treasure this past year has been an opportunity to remember and learn more about all of that. Of course there is now more conflict than there used to be, but there are so many more opportunities to learn about love and selflessness and kindness, and that matters so much more than everyone's comfortability and ease! So sweet to see your girls getting it and truly enjoying loving and serving one another!

  5. It is so beautiful to see what exists in our children that we cannot see with our eyes! Lizzie is so brave. I think that it is definitely a different journey through adoption with a child who has been adopted. It has been so little time with Lucy and Maggie! With your family's love and attention, good food, peace and a healthy body anything can happen. They told us that Karwen's knees would never bend greater than 30 degrees and they are at 90. They said that she would never ride a bike and she is riding- with training wheels, but riding! She grew three clothing sizes in one year because it is just such a different life. There is just no comparison. You can see the changes in every photo of your family and they will continue. With you all they will get to be whatever they are meant to be and that will be perfect!!! Adoption is such a gift to all who are involved. No matter how we add to our families we give and take away from those who are already there. If we decide not to add to our family, it is the same. It's just trying to fly without wings because we trust Him not to let us fall. Oh, the greatness of it all! Oh, the greatness of our God for helping us learn our lessons through the wisest of us all- our children!

  6. annie amazing. simply amazing. thank you.

  7. Oh, Ann, I needed a good cry this morning! Lol. Your family is so precious and you guys are in my prayers everyday. I wish I lived closer! Love to you all <3

  8. This is beautiful - made me cry! The Lord is teaching us so much already, and we do not even have our referrals yet. I cannot imagine what is yet to come!

    1. Thank you sweet Stephanie! SO excited for your journey!

  9. This is wonderful! We would love to use it on the Sparrow Fund Blog - - You can reach me at

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