Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Artist and the Soccer Star

So, you all know by now that our weekends are usually filled with soccer.

Even with only two playing this season, it still makes for a busy weekend of games.

Lucy and Maggie cheered on their siblings very soon after coming home and as long as there were snacks and water bottles to be had, they were all in, right from the start.


Now, early on, we noticed that Lucy seemed completely intrigued by the whole soccer thing.  So much so that she wanted to play soccer as well as watch soccer.

She has gotten so much stronger since coming home and can now (sometimes) kick a soccer ball around for at least 5 minutes before falling down!

That is HUGE y'all!

So now, while her siblings are playing soccer...

you can usually find Lucy kicking the soccer ball around.

Talk about inexpensive PT!

Love it!

I put no limits on you baby girl!  Continue to kick that soccer ball my sweet girl and any other obstacle that might get in your way!

No expectations but no limits!

Now Maggie, while also enjoying playing soccer (or football) 

while cheering her siblings on, seems to be more the artist!

That girl would draw, color, do worksheets or anything that involves markers or crayons and paper, all day long!

Heck, if she doesn't have any paper, she has been known to color on walls...

but we won't go there right now!


We have done so much since they came home 3 months ago.

Thank goodness they both enjoy doing "school" with Mommie and they have made such progress.  

I must admit, the task of teaching these two seemed daunting to say the least but witnessing as their minds begin to open and learn and crave more, has been incredible!

Maggie's favorite, favorite thing to do though, is draw and y'all just about every single picture is of us...


One of the few times, her pic was not of us, it was full of hearts.  Maggie told me that it meant...


Love you too sweet girl!

These two awesome little girls have put my heart in places that were uncomfortable and unexpected but through it all...

there is love...

just sweet, revealing, blossoming, healing love!

So in the middle of the hard places...

and there have been many...

our hearts grow

our faith grows

and we begin to understand the true blessings of this life.

I have no doubt that as Lucy and Maggie heal, their journeys will continue to touch our spirits and inspire our hearts.  

I think about where sweet Lizzie's journey has brought us and cannot even imagine where the Lord is taking us now but I have no doubt, it will be somewhere amazing!

Welcome home my precious daughters.


  1. Annie, I love seeing your updates and watching your sweet girls blossom!

  2. I love seeing your updates too! If possible could youshare more about your 2 new girls or maybe privately? I am very interested in adopting 2 more with CP as well, but nervous about older girls. We adopted 2 older boys (brothers) in 2008 & it was total hell, I was depressed and it was sooo rough, we are still struggling with lots of dishonest and mean behaviors. but it is better. Your girls seem sooo sweet. Cara norbycj at

  3. Love the Update, they are so precious. We just got our Homestudy approved, next step I-800A!