Monday, December 30, 2013

It Happens All the Time...

Just when I am at my wits end...

just when I am bone weary from "the process"...

He shows up...

and it is usually through this beautiful child!

What a heart my Emmeline has!

The words and the wisdom - the "knowing" - that this child has within that sassy heart of hers, encourages me daily.

This sweet (and yes, sometimes sassy) 7 year old can bring me to my knees in recognition of just how much she "gets it"...

especially when I don't!

This morning, after a particularly tough day of corrections and attachment work and spills and falls and blank stares and even some tears...

my sweet Emmeline walked down in her PJ's and the very first thing she did was hug me and tell me that she had been snuggling with Maggie and that she had told Maggie that her life had not been perfect until she (Maggie) and Lucy had come home!

So I hugged her back (while fighting back the tears) and thanked the Lord for blessing me with my Emmeline and for once again slapping me upside the head reminding me of the journey and of the blessings and of the love that surrounds our family! 

What a privilege to go through the "hard" to be able to better recognize the blessings!


  1. Awww, Annie that is awesome. Love it.

  2. Sweet, sassy Em! What a precious love! I knew she got it from your pictures but hearing it to just melts my heart for this precious baby! What a wonderful blessing!

  3. This post touched my heart. We all need those sweet reminders at times.

  4. What a sweet precious spirit your beautiful daughter has


  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I will read them all to my Em:)