Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fall

So Lucy and Lizzie were playing a game of chase last night around the house.  
Lucy doesn't move very fast but she was walking so well and was having such a great time "chasing" her sister, until... 

Until she fell and cut her head - again.  
She was so upset but the cut on her head was not the only thing she was upset about.  
Through her tears she pointed to her sweet little legs and said, "Legs don't work.  Lucy fall down.  Can't play with Lizzie.  Legs don't work."

Oh my Momma's heart just about broke in two!!!  
I hugged her tight and reminded her that she is getting her braces soon and that they would help.  I also reminded her how strong she was getting and how much stronger she would get and that her legs would work better and that I loved her!

Sweet baby girl, as I watched you struggle to walk the halls of your sisters' school yesterday, determined to make every step on your own, my heart just burst with love for you!  
You are brave and strong and determined and LOVED sweet one!  
Your legs WILL work!  
A marathon might not be in your future but I have learned never to say never when it comes to the spirit (and spunk) of these precious children the Lord has blessed us with.

You will learn a lot from this loud active family but I have a feeling we will learn so much more from you my darling!


  1. Oh man......BTDT with Julia.....hard to watch sometimes. But you know she will get stronger and she will run faster.....and she won't fall nearly as much. One day you will both look back and think, "Huh.....that never happens anymore." Just wait till she gets those braces!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Maria!!! How is sweet Julia!! I tried to go to your blog but could not find it! I want pics!!!! LOL!

  2. Oh that's so sad. Breaks my heart. Hopefully she will feel better when she has stronger legs and braces. It must be so frustrating for her. Sweet kiddo!