Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Teacher

Maggie loves to draw...

Her drawings are usually of us, her family, but yesterday she drew something different...

something amazing...

another reminder.

Maggie drew Jesus on the cross!

Now we have been taking the girls to our church, praying with them and talking to them about Jesus but we certainly have not gotten into the cross and all that it means...

all that Jesus did for us...

I just did not think the girls knew enough English to be able to understand or truly grasp what it all means for them - not yet anyway.

But Maggie knew... 

We were able to pantomime enough for her to tell me that she drew Jesus and that He was on the cross and that the others laughed at him and that He forgave them and that she loved Jesus!

I am not certain that she understands all that that means but wow!

She told me that her foster dad didn't have Jesus in his heart and that they did not pray.

About 3 months before we met Maggie, she was moved from that foster home to another foster care center and was placed with a sweet Christian lady whom Maggie said did pray with her.

In that short amount of time, the Lord used this sweet lady to teach Maggie and to help Maggie to know Him...

and now He is using that to teach me!

Our sweet Maggie has not been easy but I am becoming more and more convinced that she will teach me far more than I could ever teach her!

Thank you Lord for teaching me and reminding me about love and how to love even when I don't always feel like loving and what blessings and growth come from nurturing this moment to moment kind of love.


  1. She's just precious, Annie. :)

  2. She is beautiful inside & out!

  3. remember in the bible I am the father to the fatherless. I was one of these children. I was rocked and sang to me by Jesus I am a great mother but still never forgotten. people tell me that I should write a book about his bright light, my healing, and the love for us. the book on Jesus life in heaven.