Friday, March 14, 2014

Micro No More!

So my 10th grader is playing varsity soccer this year!

Thank goodness it is varsity soccer and not varsity football!

I know, I know, I like watching football but not when it is my son getting tackled!


Once he decided that soccer was his sport....

 he worked hard...

and was determined to play varsity ball and this year, he finally got his chance.  He is playing for our local high school and still participating when he can with the wonderful club team that he has played with for so long.

This kiddo actually gets upset when his practices are cancelled or if he can't get to his 2nd practice of the night because his 1st practice runs over!

Yep, he is MY child!

Shhh, don't tell anyone but I am one of those strange people who actually likes to exercise, so I totally get him!


He has not had his first official game yet as a varsity player but will next week and I will be there, camera in hand and heart in throat! 

Micro Soccer seems like just yesterday...

and now he drives himself to practice!

So varsity soccer, here we come!

I think I am ready...
I know he is!

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