Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy

So the day finally came!

Lucy had been asking about this day for so very long!

Since coming home, she had seen Christian, Maggie, Charlie, Caleb and Em celebrate their birthdays and hers just could not come fast enough!

As far as I know, the only other birthday she has ever celebrated was last year's birthday when we sent her a fruit party and a cake.

My heart broke when I saw some of the pictures from that "party"...

this was definitely not the face of a happy birthday girl...

so I think I was just as excited about this birthday and could not wait to see that happy birthday face that was so lacking in those pics last year.

What made it even more special was the timing!  It was spring break and my sweet sis-in-law was able to come down for a visit with her two precious daughters and help us celebrate!

So sweet Lucy's birthday started out here on Tuesday with yellow cupcakes (her fav color)... 
 presents and sweet handmade cards from her cousins...
 a beach trip...
 and ended on Thursday with a trip into JuJu's for more cake and gifts and swimming (brrrrr)...

and bubbles!

Last year...

She had the cake and the trimmings

we sent her a gift

that she told me later, she was not allowed to wear (sigh)...

she had a birthday crown but...

she did not have her family around her.

What a difference love makes.

You are full of joy and compassion and determination and have the most amazing laugh and while my heart is heavy for all the birthdays we missed...
I am thanking God for this year, this birthday and all the other birthdays that we will now get to celebrate with you!

Happy Birthday my beloved Lucy.


  1. Oh what a happy post to read before bedtime. :) Love the pics, Annie. She continues to bloom! :)

  2. She does not look like the same child.

  3. Happy birthday to sweet Lucy! Give her a kiss from evidence WenFan. Love and blessings to all!!!!!

  4. She is absolutely precious! I can't wait to adopt someday!

  5. wow is all I can say....the difference in her eyes especially! She definitely knows love now! Happy birthday sweet Lucy!!

  6. The "before" (orphanage) and :after" photos demonstrate that a family's love can transform. Lucy is a changed person - from a sad-eyed little girl to a little girl who exhibits true happiness. All the photos in this post are lovely. The last photo - with Lucy and yourself - is simply beautiful. As I read this post, I was thinking "What if she hadn't been adopted by your family?" And am so, so grateful that our Lord led Lucy to yours. Joyous Easter! And to Lucy - a new life, re-birthed in the midst of so much family love and acceptance.

  7. Amazing, I can feel the love, and what is more, I can see the love. God bless her, she looks so happy! She is a completely different person thanks to her wonderful family!

  8. Beautiful post. Happy Birthday Lucy! I'm so glad you are home, home with your forever family!

  9. Happy Birthday Lucy! Oh Annie! You can see how the tension has melted away!!!!!!!!!!