Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

My sweet Momma turned 81 on Sunday!

81 y'all!

I really cannot believe it...

and if you spend anytime with her at all....

you won't believe it either!
We celebrated at one of her favorite places on earth...
 my brother's farm
 She grew up around here...

and I know it gives her such joy to see her grands here!

and they are learning to love it just as much as she does!

 She is amazing and as wonderful as she is as a Mother...
 she ROCKS as a Grandmother....

and even though we keep adding to her collection of grandkids...

her heart and her love for each one just grows and grows!
I credit her with showering me with the love that grew my heart...

that in turn grew our family!

 So, in other words Mom...

I am blaming thanking you for all of this sweet chaos!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Love you!


  1. Hello! I can't believe what a small world it is. My good friend Shanon adopted her sweet son in July. He was in the same orphanage as Lucy. Crazy! She was talking about his friend from his orphanage that was named Lucy and that the family also adopted a girl and named her Maggie. I finally connected the dots!:-) Crazy crazy! We were seriously considering international special needs adoption and then found out we were pregnant so that has been put on hold. My heart is close to adoption still. I was able to do some fundraising with Shanon and just barely met the boys this last week. I was so emotional. It took all I had to keep myself together. They are just too sweet! Anyway, I had to say hi! I thought it was such a cool coincidence!:-) I recently started a website called It's a website dedicated to sharing the good, the real, and the inspiring…through others stories, good books, uplifting music, inspiring quotes and videos. Anyway, we would love it if you were interested in sharing your story(s) with us! Shanon has shared one and said she is breaking it up into a few. I am just so excited for others to be inspired to do hard things, to fulfill their purpose, and to feel they have purpose! I know you are busy, but would love for you to consider this opportunity and let me know what you think. We would love to put a link to your blog as well, if you are interested! Thank you for your big heart, for your incredible faith, and your amazing example! I love your blog and I love your family! I'm inspired by your strength! If you are interested in getting in touch, you can email me at THANKS a million!

  2. Oops!:-) One last thing. April is "Awesome Kidz Month" at Real Imprints. Any story written by a kid or about a kid by April 15th, will be entered into a drawing to win a $15 gift card from Amazon. The stories can be about the good things a child has done, their achievements, the hard things they've overcome, etc! I am so excited about this! As we share the good things our kids are doing, they will feel empowered and confident to do more good! There is more info on our website about it. Thanks!

  3. Lovely! Your mom is an amazing woman,

  4. Many Happy Returns to your wonderful, big-hearted Mom!

  5. WOW!! These are WONDERFUL! and so are You and the way you have expressed yourself! I can still feel that "place" down there on Bubba's farm where I grew up on "part of it," too....It still breathes the same spirits, thank you, God!! May they never end!! Your pictures and story are self-explanatory to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. My Cousin June can put me down hands down anytime! She really is special in so many ways. And, yes, she did a wonderful job with you children. You are both well as gorgeous!! :))