Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blessings in the Dairy Isle

So God took me to the grocery store today!

Yep, the grocery store!

Before I explain, let me start by saying that I just don't ever go to the grocery store.

My awesome Hubby took over the shopping when he was in between jobs.

We had no money and tons of bottomless pits kids...
obviously, not a great combination.
Sooo, my dear, sweet, math minded Hubby decided to try his hand at couponing and has never looked back!

Every Friday night, armed with his accordion folder full of coupons, he sets off to stock our pantry and prevent a mass mutiny!
It is a beautiful thing, y'all!
*big grin*
Yep, so this Mom of 7 just does not go to the grocery store...
except for today...

today the Lord took me there and it all started while watching a "Pioneer Woman" episode with my girls.

You see, she was making Chocolate Fondue.

If anything can get me to the grocery store, it is Chocolate Fondue!


So, off to the store I went with chocolate on the brain and, ahem, no coupons in hand.

Now, to back up again just a bit.

Many of you may remember the struggle I had with the girls' school.

Maggie and Lucy were being main streamed at lunch, recess and special area with 4th and 5th graders.

However, after I pushed, the district agreed to put Maggie with 2nd graders and Lucy with 1st.
This was a much better fit and after the very first day of being with 2nd graders, Maggie came home from school, super excited because she had made a friend and this friend went to our church and in Maggie's own words, this friend, "knows God"!
Big Yes!
Well, this particular friend, "C",  has continued to sit with Maggie and play with Maggie and talk to Maggie and just this week, Maggie's teacher sent me this picture...
 Maggie and her friends...
real friends, y'all and right there next to Maggie in this picture, was her very special friend, "C".
These precious girls, and especially "C", who have so lovingly befriended and accepted Maggie have been on my heart ever since and today...
today the Lord took me to the store but not to satisfy my chocolate craving...
He took me to the store to meet "C"!
As I was searching for the heavy whipping cream in the dairy isle...
which, btw, they were totally out of...
go figure
I saw her and then I saw her Mom and I instantly recognized her from church.
In the middle of the grocery store, I got to thank this precious little girl for her kindness to my Maggie, thank her for being a good friend and for helping Maggie to feel just like a "normal" 7 year old.

Yep, there I stood in the dairy isle, crying...

not over the lack of heavy whipping cream...


but over the fact that the Lord is just so good and that He gave me this chance to thank this precious child and her Mom, who, to my Maggie, are His hands and feet.

God took me to the grocery store today and it was grand...

oh and the chocolate fondue was pretty good too!

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