Monday, February 12, 2018

On Our Way

Posted January 19th and 20th:

It's way too early and we are on our way!! Please keep the prayers going as the attacks keep coming. Chris's shop got broken into last night! He has been up all night! I overslept and one other issue known to the Lord.

Lucy was so upset last night and Maggie gave me a big squeeze and a big smile and a happy goodbye. That is my Maggie

I just about burst into tears when we walked into the Charleston airport!

We were able to make it to Newark! No issues! Shocker!  

That's our plane behind us... the one that will carry us to our son

Only 3 more days to Song!

Made it to Beijing. After a 13 hour flight, multiple air sick bags (poor Em), a 5 hour layover (more air sick bags) and another 3 hour flight to Guiyang, we were wiped out. 

You tend to forget how hard this trip is!  Only one more sleep until Song!

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