Monday, February 12, 2018

Those We Left Behind...

Posted on January 24th:

What a beautiful morning.

Lots of giggles and kisses and squeezes and love.

These precious children are waiting...

waiting for their chance at having a family of their very own.

It was so easy walking into these rooms full of hope.

It was incredibly difficult to walk away.

These precious babies are the lucky ones.

They are being cared for in an amazing foster home, full of love and hope and medical care...

but these adorable little ones need a forever family and there are so many more who would benefit from such care.

If you see a sweet face that touches your heart, please contact me!

Most of these kiddos have down syndrome or cerebral palsy...

and all of these kiddos are amazing!!!

Yes, it was a beautiful morning full of love and hope in the midst of broken-ness.

You can read more about this amazing foster home and their precious children here, Journey of a Joyful Life

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  1. Wonderful to have this!! Thanks with my LOVE and HUGS!! I dreamed happily in my sleep last night about children's poems I knew and loved with my kids and grands, and smiled because I was playing with Will! Also dreamed you were taking the whole family who could do so to College of Charleston to audit FREE OF CHARGE based on necessary service to family, joint classes in Chinese and English language (spoken first and also in writing to be fluent in reading and writing, etc.). If there is/are no such classes down there, suggest to the Dean/Pres. or whoever on that level of authority, that it is necessary to create such because of the numbers of families who need it -- specifically YOURS, and QUICKLY!! The kids will help teach each other's language by talking and conversing in vernacular and polished proper (KING'S English)and Mandarin (?) Chinese. See if it can be instigated for free through the National Education Department first in collaboration with the State of SC Dept. of Ed. I THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA that I DID NOT "make up." Got your "orders." Get moving in that direction. Perhaps wherever there is a Chinese adult population group or single members stationed in Charleston in the services, someone or more would be willing to volunteer their own language specialty and fluency in speaking/writing, etc. Check it out -- and THEN get some rest. BUILD IN A DAILY NAP TIME, PERHAPS AFTER mandatory decent LUNCH time, for 1 HOUR EVERY DAY!! YOU ALL (you and kids at home)need the rest, or you'll find yourselves "sick from exhaustion and adrenalin" that seems to last forever when major lifestyle changes are made in families!! Been there/Done that!! And SO HAVE YOU!! Much Love, Barbara (Your "other mother" with a voice, according to Betsy, your cousin!) :))