Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday Lizzie

We are living hard between March and May around here.

Why you ask?

Well, Em's birthday is in March and Lizzie's is not until May!


For almost an entire 2 months, Em is older than Lizzie and that just will not do y'all!

No, no, no!

May cannot come fast enough for our Lizzie May and when that glorious day arrives and we have our virtual twins again, all is right with the world...

well, until September arrives and Em informs Lizzie that she is now 7 1/2.


But for now, we are good and this year as every year, Lizzie asked to have a pool party at JuJu's house...

 and JuJu was more than happy to oblige. 

This year, however, we also made a trip down to my brother's farm

What an awesome place this is!

Complete with horses

and chickens

and ducks

and pigs

and purple track hoes...

and as always, the kids had a great time.

We ended the day with more swimming

and ice cream cake

and what was the best thing about Lizzie's birthday - according to Lizzie?

The devotional book we gave her!

Jesus Calling for Kids by Sarah Young!!

I really cannot believe that my sweet Lizzie is 7 years old! 

This child may be little in statue but she is large in spirit

and heart

and determination

and compassion for others

and I cannot imagine our lives without her.

She has grown me and taught me so much about love and life, true strength and courage...

and she is only 7 


Sweet, awesome Lizzie, we love you baby girl!

Happy, Happy Birthday and remember that when you are 39 and Em is 40...

you will appreciate being 2 whole months younger!

Just saying!

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Ni Hao Yall

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Dress

or should I say "dresses"!

It is funny, now matter how many times I see with my own eyes the way the Lord provides, when it happens in such a blatantly obvious way, it still knocks me off my feet and on to my knees!

Case in point:

The other day was looking at all the clothes our girls have.  I mean honestly, their closet is overflowing with clothes, most of which, if not all of which...

we did NOT buy.

The Lord has just blessed us with such awesome friends, friends with such giving hearts and friends with older girls... older girls with great taste I might add!


So as I was doing an inventory of sorts to prepare for Lucy and Maggie, I noticed that what Em and Lizzie seemed to lack were church dresses.

I really didn't think much more of it until we had some items to take to Good Will and I thought well, while we are there, why don't we just look for some dresses - cause ya never know, right!


As soon as we walked over to the girlie girl section, there they were...

not only had we found a very pretty dress that was just Lizzie's size but as we continued to look there was the exact same dress...

in Em's size!!!

How awesome was that!

We also found 2 other beautiful dresses (not identical but awfully pretty)....

one in Lizzie's size and...

one in Em's size!

So now they each have 2 new-to-them dresses and I still have money for gas!


Once again, the Lord brings me to my knees in thankful amazement!

Won't it be fun to watch how He will continue to provide when we have FOUR little girls to get dressed for church!

I cannot wait!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Miss Sassy Pants Would Like to Announce...

Maggie's LOA came this week, along with a letter from her teacher, pics that she colored, an update, new pics of her sweet face and a video - and all in the same day!!!!

I can hardly take so much excitement in one day - but will!  

Just look at that sassy-ness y'all!!!

Yep, she is gonna fit in quite nicely around here! 
Apparently she likes dogs (thank you Lord), trying on new dresses makes her happy (hubby needs a raise), the dark scares her (Lizzie too), fav colors are pink and red (Em is happy) and she does not need a walker, only an adult to hold her hand on long walks or bumpy roads (I think we can handle that)!!  

Her teacher wrote that because of  her CP, she cannot write but did color us some pictures!

She said that FuFu is active, outgoing and sensible and that she misses us!

 We miss you too dear one!

Praying for the Lord to prepare our hearts for all the sassy-ness that is coming our way.

I am ready!

I think!  Hehe!

Praising the Lord for our 2 newest precious daughters - sassy-ness and all!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Mother's Day

Funny how the Lord uses difficulties for good.

As you might imagine, finances for us right now are rather tight.

Not much extra in the old budget these days...

and for good reason...

However, as I contemplated this upcoming Mother's Day and what we could or should I say could not afford to do, one idea kept tugging at my heart...

so I called Hubby, while he was 3 hours away, in a nice quiet house, with no screaming children or barking dogs in sight and asked if I might be able to spend Saturday night with my Mom...

all by myself...

no kids...
just my Mom and me...

and 2 of the dogs - hehe...
and he said YES, cause he is awesome like that and cause he was (at the time) in a nice quiet house with no screaming children and no barking dogs.
Last night, however, he was in the midst of the screaming children and barking dogs (I didn't bring the barkers - heh) and - I - was - not and it was such a perfect gift for my Mom and for me
We talked, uninterrupted, shared a fabulous meal, uninterrupted and just spent time together, uninterrupted!
Thank you Hubby!

Spending time with my Mom is always so great!  The love that she has poured into me throughout my life has remained a constant and I cannot imagine my life without her.
Being able to spend this time with her, in the same house that I grew up in, sharing beautiful childhood memories,  pierces my heart for the millions of precious little ones who have never and may never know this kind of love.  
So many beautiful children go to bed at night scared and hungry and so completely alone.  I pray that next year on Mother's Day, many of these waiting ones will be able to make their very first Mother's Day card to give to their new, forever mommas.
If you haven't already, please join my advocacy site,  Wonderful Waiting Kids to see, pray for and possibly consider giving some of these precious children a momma of their very own.

Also on this day, when I think of bringing Lizzie home and waiting for 2 more beautiful daughters it brings to my heart their birth mothers, who are missing out on this kind of time with the children they gave up.  Yes, they gave them up but they did give them life and for that I will be eternally grateful. 
We pray for them every night, that they might have peace.

So, here I sit, once again in the middle of screaming kiddos and barking dogs and it is the perfect way to end my very quiet Mother's Day, the last one without Lucy and Maggie.
I wonder if, next year, with 2 extra kiddos, Hubby will so readily agree to my nice, quiet gift?

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Ni Hao Yall