Xiaoyun's Testimony

THIS is why!!!!

This is Xiaoyun's testimony.

You might remember Xiaoyun as the 13 year old on my advocacy blog who was aging out and aging out FAST! 

Xiaoyun has severe scoliosis and would not have survived without a family. 

But Cindy...

Cindy and her family heard the Lord's plea for this child and brought her home - just in the nic of time - days before she aged out forever and lost her chance for a family, for life!

This is Xiaoyun now...

after love, after a family, after hope for a future.

Now, Xiaoyun shares her testimony and it is amazing!!!!

Please go here to watch this very special child give her testimony and find out why we do what we do, why we feel the calling so strongly, why we adopt when the rest of the world thinks we are crazy!

THIS is why!!!!

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