Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Amazing Will

Will has an awesome trumpet tutor and has been working so hard on a solo for Solo and Ensemble.

His hard work paid off as he received a 28 out of 30 points!

A superior rating!

Tonight, he was able to perform his solo at the High School Band Concert!

He loves to perform and I love to watch him. 

However, I apologize in advance for the shakey video...

I was SO nervous for him!!!


The Lord is so good and we are so blessed.

Friday, May 21, 2021


Can I just say something about my "baby boy" who is the "middle child" of 8 siblings, is taller than me and is getting ready to graduate...

Caleb may not win all the awards and he may not get officially recognized for the decent young man he is becoming but let me tell you, he is kind and responsible and mature and he is my quiet helper.

He doesn't seek the spotlight but he does seek truth and justice and peace and order - which is hard to find in this house of crazy

He has not been your typical high schooler and his quiet, reassuring presence will be so missed next year as he begins to seek his purpose.

So while he may not receive much "official recognition", I see him and those who love him see him and the Lord sees him and sees his heart and in Caleb's quiet, unassuming way, he will change this world...

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Inspired and Broken

It was two years ago today and I will never forget it. I never doubted her determination but there were times I doubted those legs of hers. She is a fighter and she is strong, so much stronger than I. She teaches me about sheer grit and fortitude and compassion and joy and grace, lots and lots of grace.

It took Lucy a long time to finish this race but she never gave up. If you look in the background, you will see the entourage of police cars and firetrucks that silently followed, cheering her on as she doggedly fought for every single step!

I realized today that there are so many moments that inspire and shatter all at the same time and it is typically after those moments, in the quiet of my solitude that my composure fails and I am broken. I look at this picture and I am filled with awe for Lucy's gift of determination and I am filled with gratitude for so so many who "have her back" and yet I am crushed by the fight and the weight of the challenges and I would not change any of it!

It is in those moments of weakness that the Lord shows me His strength and I am renewed and Lucy is a gift and I am grateful to feel because I - am - feeling!!