Thursday, August 31, 2017

Uneasy Street

So things right now are pretty good.

All the kiddos are back at school…

Even the ones “formally homeschooled”

*sniff sniff*

Teachers seem good.

Attitudes are good…

Really they are!

No really!


Therapies are done.


Soccer practices have been rained out…


And afternoons are not too crazy.

Yes, we are still meeting and managing needs and life with 7 is still busy but compared to the last 4 years…

We are sort of chill!

“Chill” in a 7 kid, 4 dog, 2 crazy cat kind of way!

But still…



I guess it’s time to shake things up a bit?


Just when we start to get comfortable…

when life starts to get easy-er…


It happens and usually, for us, it happens just as we start to exhale, just as we begin to enter into easy…

That still, small voice eases us into back into unease…

I sometimes wonder if our hearts will ever truly be easy again.

After visiting two orphanages and one cerebral palsy rehabilitation hospital…

Unease infuses every inch of our hearts.

We have joy and we have peace cause the Lord enters into this brokenness and into our unease, using it for His good…

helping us to recognize when He says “go”.

So in a timeline attempted to be manipulated by us but only known to Him…
we will go!

More to come…

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer 2017

It's been a while!

Honestly, you would think I have 7 kids, 4 dogs and 2 crazy cats!

Oh right!  I do!

Can that be my excuse?

Cause by the time I sit down at my computer at night...

all of my creative juices have been sucked up by the 7 kids, 4 dogs and 2 crazy cats!


So, in an attempt to dust off the cobwebs, I will recreate our summer in a pictorial recap and now that the kids, ALL the kids (sniff sniff) are back in school, maybe just maybe I can handle 4 dogs, 2 crazy cats and blogging!

Our summer started at our favorite spot in the whole world!

Edisto or Edistahhhh as I like to call it!

And of course, visits to my Mom's with her gorgeous yard and overflowing candy basket always happen in the summer.


Lots of swimming and dock jumping are a summer necessity!

We celebrated 4 birthdays!

Had summer jobs!

Still makes me shudder!


We took long walks early in the morning.

One of us got new glasses and one got glasses for the very first time!

But one of the most exciting things that happened this summer, came at the very end of our summer...

when Maggie and Lucy graduated from outside therapy!  

A little bit bittersweet as these ladies have been in the trenches with us for 3 years, fighting hard for my girlies.

I had a few special things made for them and more than a few tears were shed as we said our good-byes to Wednesday mornings at 8:00!

Then eventually, sadly and just like that...

Summer 2017 was over.

Sent Maggie off to 4th grade, Lucy off to 3rd while Em and Lizzie transitioned from home school to middle school...

Still can't talk about it...

sniff sniff

and no one warned me about 6th grade boys!

I mean I know I raised three of them but they never wrote love note to girls when they were 11!!



At least the girls will still tolerate back to school pics.

This was it for the boys!

Caleb waves bye (kind of) on his very first day of high school!

Charlie smiled for me only because Aunt Cortney made him!  I loose him next year too!  


can't talk about that yet!

And if that wasn't bad enough, this was all I got from Christian...

who is a Sophomore this year and living in his own apartment! 

Apparently having your picture taken and actually looking at the camera is no longer cool once you are a Sophomore in college!

Thank you Bella!

So now we are back to school and soccer and crazy and I hope to be able to keep up a little better... 

cause ya never know what might happen!

Stay tuned!