Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Advocacy Site - help please

OK gang, before I go all public and everything, I need some input!  I have been working hard on this new site, in between trying to entertain the kids who happen to be on Spring Break, while still keeping the rest at school and on task, cause they couldn't all be on Spring Break at the same time!!!  Nooooooo, just couldn't happen!  UGH!

Anyway, if you have a spare minute (ha, I just crack myself up sometimes!), go here to Wonderful Waiting Kids and give me your feedback.  I want the good and the bad - just please be easy on me!  I have been up way too late each night just trying to get all my kiddos moved over!!  I am very excited about the new site but do want your honest opinions!

Thanks y'all and once I get this site up, I hope to have much more time to be able to post over here - Ha - there I go again, just cracking myself up!!!!  Hehe!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adopting a Boy

No, not us!   Sigh!!!

Adopting a Boy is a wonderful video all about the wonders of boys and the joys of adopting boys!  Please watch and have your heart moved for all of the beautiful boys who wait, wait for a chance at going fishing with Dad or teasing his sisters or just hugging on his Momma.  This is for those precious boys who just need a family...

My new advocacy blog should be up and running soon.  Please keep checking for the link.  There are so many wonderful boys just waiting - for you!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Ours started, oh I don't know about 2 weeks ago, when the girls discovered the (empty) eggs and decided that a little practice might give them the upper hand in the hunts to come, a little pre-hunt warm up so to speak!

I am STILL finding eggs around my house! 

Then about a week ago, we ventured out to my Mom's for the critical dying of the eggs that none of my children we ever eat. 

They are not chocolate, doncha know! 

Just as soon as those chocolate chickens are invented and start laying chocolate eggs, then my kids will actually eat the kind that you dye!  Heh!

It was then time for the neighborhood hunt...

where we hunted eggs, of course....

and ate powdered doughnuts!!

and just had to stick our feet in the pool - in our Easter dresses!

Today, we flowered the Cross

and remembered the real reason we celebrate Easter...

as we hunted eggs AGAIN! 

and later, back at Mom's, swam....

and hunted those blasted eggs one last time!!!  Hehe!!!

and learned that apparently, when you are 13, you don't need an Easter basket!

when you have pockets!!

Happy Easter everyone,

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sticky Girls

Apparently having 3 big brothers teaches a girl that...

Girls just have to stick together!!!!  Yep, these two have learned at a very young age that we, testosterone-less creatures must band together.  How else will we be able to defeat the burbs and slurps, the scab picking and the constant "dude-ing", the taking pleasure in all things gross and thinking that having the best "wipe-out" is actually cool???

Until, of course, they decide that if you can't beat them, you can join them!!!!  Sigh!!!  Hehe!

Sorry for the crickets around here lately! I am in the process of moving my advocacy site to a partially PW protected site.  I am very excited about this but it is taking me SO long to get all my kiddos moved over and to just be able to figure out the new site!  I am so NOT computer savvy!!!  Bear with me for a week or 2 and then I will have a bit more time to post over here - in between taking care of hubby, 5 kids, 4 dogs, and one crazy cat!!!  Hehe!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slurpy Noodles

This girl loves her "slurpy noodles!"

Yep, around here food and eating (or not eating) can be kind of a battle.  We have 2 who would be very happy to survive day after day on dry cereal, french fries, peanut butter crackers and chips (Doritos to be exact)!

So when one of the afore mentioned "2" finds an actual food that they like and will eat, well that is something to celebrate and "slurpy noodles" is one of the few real foods that Miss Lizzie gets down right excited about eating!!! 

So slurp on my sweet little noodle! 

I will gladly deal with the greasy mess that is your face and I the dogs will gladly deal with the hundreds of stray noodles that don't quite make it to your mouth and I will gladly deal with the beautiful slurping sounds that fill our kitchen at mealtime, just to see you eating a food that requires an actual utensil!!!!! 

Next step, broccoli!!! 

Hey, a Momma can dream, can't she???  Hehe!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Twins

Did you know that around here we feel like we have 3 sets of "virtual twins?" 

We have Christian and Caleb...

Who are so much alike that the things that bug Christian about Caleb, are the same things that bug Caleb about Christian!  Yeah, good times!  LOL! 

Actually, when they decide to get along, they get along SO well and Caleb just laps up the attention from his big bro, because - they - are - exactly - alike! 

Then there are the girlies, who are 2 months apart, yeah, 2 months apart,  need I say more???  Honestly, though, God is so good and His plan always so perfect.  The size difference in the girls is well, obvious

Which means that Emmeline really feels like the big sis and Lizzie loves being in that little sis role - most of the time - and it works!  Lizzie has learned so much from her "big sis" (not all of it good - heh) but it is what helped her to know just how to be a sister and a daughter, to be in a family, to know how to play and to laugh.  Oh and did I mention that unlike bio twins, as soon as Em outgrows an outfit, it goes right into Lizzie's closet!  Gotta love it!

Our last set of "virtual twins" would be that dynamic duo, Charlie and Emmeline!  Even though, like Christian and Caleb, these 2 are years apart, they are just alike!!!

They look alike and sound alike - LOUD

and can explain the world to those who will listen...

No, life is never quiet dull with these 2 around and I have a feeling the best is yet to come!!!

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Ni Hao Yall

Friday, April 15, 2011

Here is your Smile for the Weekend

I got an email the other day with some amazing pics!  I thought I would share a few of them with y'all!


This is what it is like around here, oh say around 5:00 in the afternoon!!

This is what I normally feel like EVERY day!!  Hehe!!!

And this is your smile for the weekend - straight from the Big Guy Himself!!!!! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Word - ful Wednesday

OK,  I was not and am not a math or science person.  I always considered myself an English (now a days they call it ELA or English, Language, Arts) or History person.  I found the study of a sentance struture, interesting!  Sad, I know but just being real, y'all!  Hehe!

So the other night when Christian finally asked for help with his stems (it took a few really bad grades and his phone privaledges being revoked to ask for help!),

I understood why he was having such a hard time in my area of "expertise!"


so hard in fact that I didn't even know how to pronounce some of them! 

There was diaphanous.  Please don't ask me how to pronounce it but I can tell you that is means "semi-transparent!"

There was perfidious, which I now know means "treacherous."

There was circumlocution which means "talking in circles."

There was egregious and intractable and intransigent and discursive and adjure and polyglot!  Most of these I knew but NEVER use!

There was chiromancy which means "palm reading."  Please tell me why this word is on this list???

and my fav, confluence, which means a "flowing together."  It is just a fun word to say!  Again, sad, I know!

So, while my perspicuous and gregarious hubby who tends to be discursive and intractable at times and sometimes leads me to seek out an analgesic, may be intransigent about some issues, I am his biggest adherent and all of these traits have led him to a great sinecure in his current company!! 

Yeah, I would never have known how to use some of those words if it hadn't been for my SEVENTH GRADER'S vocabulalry words!  Geesh! 

No wonder I am never "Smarter than a 5th Grader!"  LOL!

Oh and what did he get on this test - the test that WE studied for???

Why a 92!  Thank you very much!!!!!  Hehe!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Porch Polishers!!

With the wonderfully warmer weather comes the inevitable and much dreaded...


It gets everywhere and my beloved porch is no longer my refuge! 

It is hard to relax when you know that if you sit in that rocking chair, you will end up looking like Big Bird when you get up! 

What to do, what to do????

Oh yeah, I have these 3

who LOVE this

which results in this

Ahhhhh...  The porch is clean and the kids have had their shower for the night!  Life is good!!  Hehe!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Everybody's Different

Every body's different.  This is our mantra around here when questions arise about fingers and toes and why some of us have 10 and others of us, just - do - not. 

I can remember having this conversation with Lizzie the first time, the very first time she asked why, why her hands and feet were "different" than Em's.  She seemed to cling to that particular part of our conversation - everybody is different.  We talked about how the world would be such a boring place if everyone were exactly the same and how some of us have brown hair and some of us have blond hair and how that is just how the Lord made us - beautifully different. 

Lizzie is far from boring and this just seems to satisfy her realization that her hands and feet do indeed look "different" from her sisters', cause it is that difference that she seems to feel the most.

In true Lizzie style, she will pull this "mantra" out whenever she needs it and it still seems to satisfy that part of her heart that feels the "difference" every now and then because truly, it is only every now and then that my precious child even notices.  She is so chaka block full of love and life and laughter and tears (when she doesn't get her way - heh).  Lizzie just lives her life to the fullest and doesn't let much (heck anything) stand in her way.

So when something stumps her, when something shakes that "I am perfectly made" way about my Lizzie, it shakes me and I - just -want - to - make - it - all - better!!!  I know that I will not always be able to make it all better but for now, I can and if I can - I will and I hope that by reminding her that she CAN do anything that she puts her incredibly determined mind to, she will be able to help herself as she gets older and doesn't always want turn to me to make it all better!  Sigh!

Do you remember the ryhme, "Here is the Church.  Here is the steeple.  Open the doors and see all the people?"

Well, yesterday Caleb was teaching his sisters this harmless ryhme and Lizzie realized that she could not do it, that she didn't have enough fingers to make it work.  She was stumped and she was shaken and I wanted to make it all better.

So we tried and we tried and we decided that Lizzie could do it but that her Church just had less people than Caleb's Church and this made it all better - for now.

I know that there are tough times ahead and that Lizzie will have many more times that will stump her and shake her but I hope that the foundation that we are laying with her now will carry her through those times.  I hope that her mantra and amazing gusto for life will serve her well as she grows older and doens't need Mommie to make it better anymore. 

You better believe, however, that if she ever does (need me), I will be there and with the Lord's help, I will try my best to make it all better. 

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