Thursday, September 15, 2016

Straight A's

Y'all! Do you see this??? 

Can you see this big, beautiful smile??? 

I was in awe again today and praising God for all that He has done and is doing for our Maggie! 


Maggie brought home her very first REAL progress report and oh my heart... 

she made STRAIGHT A's!!!! 

Talk about "progress"!!!

Maggie handed it to me as soon as she got in the car and I have to admit, I was trembling a bit as I opened it. 

Then, when I saw her grades, well you all know what happened next! 

Maggie and Lucy certainly knew what was about to happen next...

I cried!!! 

The first thing out of both mouths was, "Mom, don't cry - again!" 


I called her teacher to make certain Maggie was getting graded on a 3rd grade level. 

I told her that I didn't want to get overly excited just yet and do you know what she said...

Maggie's sweet teacher said...

"Get excited!" 

Y'all, today I exhaled... 

Maggie is going to make it! 

It may not be easy but just look at that face; just look at what "hard" can do! 

Maggie we are so very proud of you my darling! You battle your body every single day. I am so grateful to the One who trusted us to battle along side you my love!