Monday, February 12, 2018

Those We Left Behind...

Posted on January 24th:

What a beautiful morning.

Lots of giggles and kisses and squeezes and love.

These precious children are waiting...

waiting for their chance at having a family of their very own.

It was so easy walking into these rooms full of hope.

It was incredibly difficult to walk away.

These precious babies are the lucky ones.

They are being cared for in an amazing foster home, full of love and hope and medical care...

but these adorable little ones need a forever family and there are so many more who would benefit from such care.

If you see a sweet face that touches your heart, please contact me!

Most of these kiddos have down syndrome or cerebral palsy...

and all of these kiddos are amazing!!!

Yes, it was a beautiful morning full of love and hope in the midst of broken-ness.

You can read more about this amazing foster home and their precious children here, Journey of a Joyful Life

We Have Will

Posted on January 22nd

Gotcha Day...

We were so covered in prayer and all of those prayers have been answered!!! Praise the Lord!!!


Those first few moments! Y'all, he had on 3 pairs of pants, a shirt, a sweater, a jacket and a scarf! When we got back to the room, I asked him if he wanted to take his jacket off and he said, "Yes, please, I am hot!" He thinks wearing only one pair of pants at a time is a really good thing!! 

Song/Will is amazing! He was so ready for us and has been full of giggles and smiles. 

He is easy going and just happy to be with us and VERY happy to have an Ipad! Haha! He is able to listen to books, translate and play games and he is so excited about that!

The girls have been amazing with him! I am so thankful that they are here! 

I know there will be difficult times ahead and the language barrier coupled with the blindness will be challenging in the coming days but God is so good and we are enjoying our new son!!!

Thank you again for all of your amazing support and prayers!!!

I will gather my thoughts and try to put my emotions into words soon but for now, my heart is still processing all that we were shown and all that we are experiencing.

On Our Way

Posted January 19th and 20th:

It's way too early and we are on our way!! Please keep the prayers going as the attacks keep coming. Chris's shop got broken into last night! He has been up all night! I overslept and one other issue known to the Lord.

Lucy was so upset last night and Maggie gave me a big squeeze and a big smile and a happy goodbye. That is my Maggie

I just about burst into tears when we walked into the Charleston airport!

We were able to make it to Newark! No issues! Shocker!  

That's our plane behind us... the one that will carry us to our son

Only 3 more days to Song!

Made it to Beijing. After a 13 hour flight, multiple air sick bags (poor Em), a 5 hour layover (more air sick bags) and another 3 hour flight to Guiyang, we were wiped out. 

You tend to forget how hard this trip is!  Only one more sleep until Song!