Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flag Football 09

So today was the day!! The day that we (I mean the girls) have been waiting for!! The laces were tied, the hair was pigtailed and the jerseys adorned, it was Flag Football day. It was a day of firsts. The first organized (sort of) sport for the girls, the first time Christian played in the QB position (whoo hoo), the first time EVER that Charlie has admitted to being cold (hehe), the first safety for Caleb (another whoo hoo) and the first time Daddy has ever coached his daughters, pigtails, pink princess sneakers and all!!! We all had a great time, even in the drizzly cold (perfect football weather,right?) The girls were so excited but not not quite as excited as we were (boys included) to watch them play!

As we arrived at the field, the excitement turned to nervousness, a little pre-game jitters so to speak.

Then it was time for pics...

and a little pre-game instruction from a "veteran"

then the "warm up"

and a little "practice"

and they were ready to rock and roll!!!

And finally, the aftergame handshake, where through gritted teeth (um, I mean, with a sincere smile) opponents offer up a "good game" and then attack the long a waited for SNACK!!

It was a great day and we all had fun. I did manage to get a few pics of the boys but they seriously move way to fast for my pitiful little camera to keep up!! I don't think I have mentioned recently how much I want a better, bloggy camera!!! Hehe!!

By the end of the day, however, we were wet and tired and cold, with one sweet benefit to the weather...

a little extra snuggle time!!!


  1. I loved the pics and video. It seems we have 2 budding
    stars on the football field. I saw a lot of determined faces on
    that field.

  2. too cute. the girls look so tiny w/ that football in their hands!

  3. Too cute! The Queen loves football. I've never seen coed flag football before. Soccer is about it around here.

  4. How absolutely precious :) LOVE the cute pics.

  5. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! What a great preschool sport too...have not seen that around here. I'm actually jealous that your bad weather is good enough to go outside and play! :) Enjoy every minute. :) Denise-IN