Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, if we weren't crazy enough around here, we had to go and get 2, not one, no 2 foster puppies, and right before Christmas no less!! Hubby blames me and I suppose I have only myself to blame, but he coulda stopped me!!! At any point in time, he could have said, "Are ya crazy woman???", but nooooooo!! He has to say something sweet like, "I am so glad I married someone who would say, 'we'll take 2 puppies!'" Gee thanks, hun, that is so sweet!! So I blame you!! Hehe!! Aggie and Sophie are sisters and are the cutest little hound mixes. They are sweet and cuddly and ALL puppy!!

They have NO table manners and love to chew but don't have a mean bone in their adorable little bodies. I really hope they get adopted soon because they are so cute and because chasing after 4 little girls is killing me!!!! The up side - I realize now that having 2 little girls is nothing compared to having 4! Hehe!!!


  1. Annie, that video is so funny w/ the puppies and the girls getting all tangled. too cute.....BTW I have a nice dog that eats everything that you can foster too. Heehee

  2. That was too cute. Who was more worn out?

  3. How Sweet, i love it! looks like a FUN house!

  4. I love your heart :)
    Could they be any cuter than that?????

  5. Oh, but they are soooooooo cute!!!!

  6. Yes, your house does look FUN! You are so darn creative to know how to make those videos with the music added and special effects.