Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

This week's Sunday Snapshot is all about my sweet baby boy, Caleb. You can join in on all the Sunday Snapshot fun by grabbing this button over at ni hao yall

Ni Hao Y'all

So on to my sweet Caleb.

Caleb (or peanut, as he was "affectionately" called by his older brothers) is somewhat of a puzzle to me. A puzzle that I am still searching for right pieces to fit and complete. He is my old soul yet he is my baby boy and very attached to me and I to him.

He is full of wisdom at times and seems to have an ability to see beyond his years. Caleb does see things differently and expresses himself in a way that shows great depth of character and an instinct that allows him to put into words what most 6 years cannot. He is a deep thinker.

He had terrible reflux as a baby and still deals with his sensory issues and in particular his inability to eat without fear. It is something he struggles with and we work on, daily and I am determined not to let it color his world. I have walked a mile in his shoes and it can be hard but he is strong and more determined (or should I say, hardheaded) than I and he will end up stronger than most. Even though Caleb had such pain in his early years, he was soooooo cute and funny and just had this way about him!

His older brothers doted on him...

and his sisters think he hung the moon!!

Caleb can "hang with the big dogs" (ie: his brothers and all their crazy friends) and then there are times when he comes crashing down into his 6 year old reality and those are tough times but they help to remind us that he is just 6 years old, because we honestly do need to be reminded, with him. I call him my "floater" because he seems to flow effortlessly from one generation (his brothers) to another (his sisters) and is comfortable in both. He is very social and makes friends very easily but on "hard" days and especially on "hard sensory" days, it can be difficult for him to be social.

He, like his siblings, seems to good at just about everything he tries, although he doesn't think he is.

He is a great soccer player...

and a natural at whatever he does. I just wish he recognized that in himself!

He is very bright and enjoys all kinds of creative things (definitely NOT inherited from me) like leggos and puzzles and art. He is my little artist and really enjoys drawing and creating. He loves to leave sweet notes and doing small things for his family members that he knows will mean a lot. He can read people and loves to make others happy by doing for them.

He looks just like his father...

but acts a lot like me.

He is my sweet, ever mysterious, ever intense, ever loving Caleb. His capacity for greatness is limited only by his own self doubt. However, his self doubt is so trumped by his greatness that it is a mute point anyway!!! Hehe!!

So, there you have my boys!!

Next week, watch out, here come the girls!!!


  1. Reflux may trigger the baby to cry but in order to prevent it, there are ways to follow such as keeping the baby upright after feeding, using wedge pillows and trying not to lie the baby after feeding. In a way this can help to stop the baby crying.

  2. What a sweet soul your Caleb is! And such a brave little guy, too :)
    And that is one handsome group of boys you have in your family :)
    I have so enjoyed 'meeting' your boys this way, I feel like I know them so much better! Can't wait for next week's Snapshot post... bring on those sweet girls!

  3. When Caleb walks in with that sweet smile and attitude,I melt.
    He is so loving and giving. He enjoys picking flowers for his
    mom or packing treats to take back to his siblings and so many
    other sweet gestures. He is a dear boy and I love him very much.

  4. I love your posts on your boys. One day they will cherish your thoughts and words. So special!

  5. What a great kid you have!!! (I will have to go back and read your other 'Sunday Snapshots' to learn more about your other sons.)

    But Caleb, he is a gem!

    I love his kind heart and ability to go with the flow...

  6. OH, he is VERY handsome and those curls! MY!
    What a sweet boy!