Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surviving Christmas

Doesn't that sound awful??? That is, however, how I felt. I also feel as if I was sort of cheated out of Christmas this year. I know, I know, more belly aching - oh no, that was to come later - ugh!! We had planned a very nice family Christmas that was to include JuJu (my Mom) and Church and s'mores and a nice dinner and a little champagne and of course some VERY excited little ones who were (finally) on their best behavior and were desperately trying to make up for lost time, so to speak!!! Hehe!! All did not go as planned, however!! We did get to make the s'mores and Mom did make it here and everyone else (but me) had a good dinner. Church did not happen, though, because of a time mistake and dinner didn't work out too well for me because, well, I got SICK!!!!! SO SICK!!!! ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! I threw up from 9:00 Christmas Eve night until about 6:00 Christmas morning - yuck!! Poor hubby was left to fend for himself as I tried to help in between "episodes!" Just trying to keep the kids from getting out of bed until Mommie was well enough to witness the Christmas reveal and not throw up on it, was quite the feat, but hubby was up to the task, roping off the den with a carefully worded threat (I mean note) taped to it!! Hehe! I will not complain anymore about it but wanted to explain my lack of Christmas posts and pics! I did manage to click a few post worthy pics of our s'mores...

Some marshmallows fared better than others

but that didn't deter hubby

or Emmeline!!!

In the end, the kids had a wonderful day and that helped Mommie to feel better. We even made it back to JuJu's house later (much later) for Christmas dinner and more gifts (like they needed anymore) and (drumroll please) the eagerly anticipated Gingerbread house!! For those who have never made the wonderful Gingerbread house, please take note. Do not wait 2 weeks in between making said house and eating said house. As the dinner was done and the kids gathered round, mouths watering, the house of sweet delights was brought to the table and...

was hard as a rock!!!!!

and in the end, only the strong survived...

Miss Lizzie May!!!!!

We even got to spend some time with extended family and friends.

and the boys were more than willing to help out, especially when it meant earning some extra time on their Christmas present - an XBOX. Already regretting that momentary lapse of reason!!!

All in all, I really cannot bellyache (please no more belly aches) about our Christmas too much. We have been blessed beyond blessed and the things that are important to me were all here, surviving Christmas with me. Next year however, I think bathing in antibacterial gel might be on my Christmas "to do" list!!! Hehe!!!


  1. Oh my friend, that is horrible timing to be sick. I am soooo sorry :) PTL you were feeling a little better on Christmas day, and got to have a special day with your sweet family. The pics are priceless.

    There is NOTHING worse than tummy issues :( Yuck!

  2. Stomach bug is THE WORST! How aweful to have it at Christmas. Hears to hoping it doesn't spread throughout the house!
    BTW, if smores are a Christmas tradition....count me in for next yr! Yum!

  3. So sorry you were sick! I felt like I survived Christmas, though I have no excuse. I just couldn't get into it this year. I guess because I kept thinking of *my* girl. I'm glad you are feeling better. Maybe you can ring in the New Year!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you were sooooo sick on Christmas Eve. But, happy that it was a good Christmas anyway! You have one of those keepers too....your hubby I mean! Like mine could, he stepped up to the plate to handle the hard stuff when you couldn't! I hope you are completely better by now! I know the last time I got that kind of sick, it took a good week for me to get back to normal, I think because I had gotten so dehydrated! Drink lots of water!

  5. Yikes, sick on Christmas? Hope this bug passes by soon--you still did more posting than me! Merry Christmas, Love, Monica

  6. Awwwww, so sorry to hear you were very much under the weather on Christmas Eve!

    Sounds like your hubby did a good job with the s'mores! The kids looked like they were having fun, too!

    What a crack up about your Gingerbread House!
    Thanks for the tip about not waiting two weeks between decorating the house and eating the house...if I ever get around to actually making a Gingerbread House, I will remember that! :)