Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog Post

A few weeks back, I entered a blog post contest over at Adoption Voices. I entered and then quickly forgot about it because, well, I NEVER win anything!!! Til now, that is!!! The blog post I entered actually won! Must have been a slow day:) Hehe!! The winning post, most of you have probably already read but if not, you can read it here . Anyway, the point of this post is not to toot my own horn, but to show you what the wonderful people at Adoption Voices sent me! I received an email telling me that I won and that I would be getting a little package in the mail and $25 transferred into my paypal account! Whoo Hoo!! Honestly, I figured the package would be something small and maybe a little cheesy (forgive me)! I was much more excited about the 25 big ones!!! I mean come on, that's Pizza one night, delivered, right there:) My mouth was already watering!! However, when the box arrived it was heavier and bigger than I had imagined! I was intrigued but I waited til the kids went to bed and I opened it! Much to my surprise, it was a beautiful gift! There were some really yummy home spray scents and by some, I mean like about 8!! I love them and they make my house smell so good and with 5 kids, 2 dogs (if not more) and a cat, that ain't always easy!! As wonderful as that was, though, the beautiful books they sent were amazing!! I wanted to share them with you because I thought some of you all might be interested and because it was such a touching gift! Thanks so much Adoption Voices!!!

The first is

From the Publisher:
"I am nine years old and someone a lot like you. Part of my life has been like a puzzle needing pieces, but I am understanding more about myself and my life everyday. This is my story..."

So begins the honest, lyrical reflection of a pre-adolescent girl on what she knows of her adoption from China, and the strength she gains from her acceptance of her bittersweet experience.

The book addresses the underlying feelings and emotions that color the world of the China adoptee. At Home in This World effectively describes and empowers a young girl looking for acknowledgement, empathy and emotional validation. It also enables pre-teen readers to put their early lives into perspective, while emphasizing the supportive love that encircles them within their own families.

This will be such a great book for Lizzie as she gets older!

The second is

"Many adult adoptees have gone through life wanting to ask questions about their birthparents, but have feared making their adoptive parents uncomfortable. So these important questions go unasked and unanswered.

We See the Moon opens the adoption dialog at an early age by allowing the questions in your child's heart to be asked and discussed. In time these questions will form a loving foundation for conversations to come.

Written from a child's perspective, this beautifully illustrated picture book helps to form the questions about birthparents - What do you look like? Where are you now? Do you think of me?

This is a simply beautiful book, one that will open dialog and lifelong trust."

Even though we talk about Lizzie's birth family, what a great way to get Lizzie to talk about them!

The third is

"For the child who looks different from their parents for what ever reason...foster care, step parents, adoption. This multicultural book will empower your child to look beyond the physical features they have on the outside because inside our hearts, we are the same."

What a great book to read to Lizzie and Em's class in a year or two!

and the last is my favorite - right now anyway!

"A tender tale about a mother’s love for her adopted child who came to her from God. As Little Fox gets ready for bed, Mama Fox tells him the miraculous story of his arrival. First there was the waiting: “I’d go up to the cliffs and watch for you,” Mama Fox tells her child. Then the mother who had Little Fox made the big decision to give him away: “I think she prayed like crazy that you would be safe, Little Fox. I think she prayed for me as much as I prayed for her.” Then, finally, both their prayers were answered, the day God delivered Little Fox to Mama Fox: “When God found us you, you made me the happiest mama in the world.”

What an incredibly sweet and loving book that Lizzie asks for every night and sure enough Momma cries through, every night!!

It was even signed by the author!! How cool is that!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Adoption Voices for this very sweet gift! I cried as I read through each book! Oh and am looking forward to the pizza too:) Might just be crying happy tears over that one!! Hehe!!


  1. That is so cool! Congratulations! Very nice gift!

  2. Congrats again! And you know I always love books, so I consider that a great gift!

  3. Those are great. Can you make the ISBN numbers available?

  4. Congratulations! They look like great books. Maybe you can give us a little review of the books after you've read them?

  5. Maggie, the numbers are:

    At Home in this World:
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9726244-1-1
    ISBN-10: 0-972644-1-4

    We See the Moon:
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9726244-0-4
    ISBN-10: 0-9726244-0-6

    I Don't Have Your Eyes:
    ISBN-10 0-9726244-2-2
    ISBN-13 978-0-97262-442-8

    God Found Us You:
    ISBN 978-0-06-113176-9

    Hope that helps!!

  6. Heather, I do love all the books. Right now, we are reading God Found Us You and it is a very sweet book about adoption in general. It uses a Momma and baby fox as the main characters. The Momma fox is telling the baby fox about his adoption story and how God found him for them. It describes the wait and how she felt when she first held him and even talks about little fox's "birth momma." Lizzie loves reading it. We See the Moon is mostly about birth families (of Asian descent) and would help, I think, to open up that discussion. I am going to wait a few months and give it Lizzie, maybe around her bday. It is very well done. I Don't Have Your Eyes talks about the diffences in adoptive families but also what is the same. It is also very well done and for adoption in general, not just International. Also good for Lizzie's age and up. At Home in this World was written by a 9 year old girl who was adopted from
    China at the age of one. She basically tells her story and talks of her feelings about her birth family and of her adoptive family. I think this will be a very good book for Lizzie when she is just a little bit older. Another very good book!! Hope that helps. If you want to know anymore, just email me:)

  7. Yes, It helps. I want them for my home, but also for our church library!!
    Thanks so much.