Monday, January 25, 2010

Double Digits!!!!!

So on Thursday, I will officially have not one, but two boys in double digits!! How did that happen?? Charlie will be 10 years old on Thursday and it seems like just yesterday that he was my beautiful little blond baby boy!!

My beautiful little blond baby boy who was crying over not being held or crying over being hungry or crying over eating too much (reflux), or crying over his big bro looking at him funny or crying over ALWAYS getting really bad Pokemon cards or crying over, well just about anything that didn't suit Charlie!!!

For the first 5 years of Charlie's life, he lived HARD and so did we!! Hehe!! As I have said before, however, the day that young Charles turned 5 years old, the clouds parted and the sun shone on my long suffering child and he became my happy go lucky, anything goes kid!!!

Don't know what was in the birthday cake that year, but whatever it was, I would really love to get some for Em and Lizzie's upcoming bday cakes!!! Hehe!! Anyway, My sweet, loving, caring, EASY GOING and very funny boy is turning 10! Wow! We had his party over the weekend because he is going to another friend's "all weekend long" birthday party with his big brother next weekend!!! You are a braver woman than I, Kim!!! LOL!! So this year, Charlie wanted a football party at the park. Easy enough, right? Well, the weather had us on pins and needles the entire day because I REALLY did not want 18 big smelly boys in my house for 2 hours with nothing to do but eat!!! The rain held off (thank goodness) and we were able to play some serious football - flag football! Apparently, however, it is just not cool to play flag football at a bday party! Who knew??? Being the really uncool, nerdy, mean parents that we are; we, of course, insisted on flag. Sigh! So, flags were adorned...

The really cute ref (hubby) was ready with whistle, cones, penalty flags and apparently (according to my very mature sons) plenty of bias toward any player that wasn't related to him!! Honestly, ya'll, they sounded (and please don't take this wrong) like a bunch of girls out there - no, a bunch of 3 year old girls! I have 2 three year old girls, so I know!!! They were whining and complaining and fussing at the cute ref (hubby) and just plain acting like well, 3 year old girls!!! Whew, I feel better!!! LOL!! In the end however, they all ended up having a great time because there was cake and snacks and because the really cute ref (hubby) threw in the penalty flag and just let them play their own version of flag (tackle) football!!! What is it with boys and wanting to inflict bodily damage to their FRIENDS???? Maybe it was the two cute little 10 year old girls that were watching them show off, I mean play?? Na, couldn't be, right???? Here are some of the pics from the party and please forgive the quality, my camera just does not do action shots! It has a sports setting but does not do action shots! Huh?? Go figure!! Anyway, I am sure by the time I have grandkids, I will have a camera that takes great action shots, right honey??? Hehe!!

There was cake,

and cookies,

and chips,

and no tackle!



Happy Birthday sweet boy!!


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Looks like a great Bday party! I'm getting ready to have a sleepover for Godzilla's 11th birthday..I hope there is enough food in this small town to keep the natives content!

  2. What a great birthday party idea! I'll have to remember that!

  3. Happy birthday, Charlie! And what a great idea for a party... even with the flags.

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!!! I tell you, something about that #5 Birthday...My son Tyler (our 19 year old baby boy) was not the easiest child,,screamed all the time, had meltdowns and was really kind of miserable to be around...but we loved him any ways LOL He is really easy going!!! He just turned it around once he hit Livi, who is 7, well...we are still waiting for the magic number LOL
    The football party looks fun..oh I miss those days : )