Friday, January 29, 2010


I guess the girls got tired of me shushing them at their brother's awards ceremony! This is how they solved the very tempting talking dilemma!! Hehe!!

Sorry for the quality of the pics! Of course I did not have my camera and was forced to use the ole cell phone!! Isn't that awful? Here I am at my first son's awards ceremony and I don't even bring my camera!! Jeez!! By the time the girls are old enough to have awards ceremonies, they'll be lucky if Mom even gets out of bed!! I mean it was at 7:50 in the morning!!! Hehe!!


  1. I've thought of doing that to myaself when I can't stop nagging..;-)

  2. Heh... tell the truth - you did it for them, didn't you? *grin* Actually, they are quite creative and deserve kudos for learning to deal with temptations at an early age.