Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

So I left off with the boys and promised to start with the girls the next week, well that was before Christmas!!! OOPS!!! Anyway, I am finally back and if you want to join in, just click here:

Ni Hao Y'all

I want to start with:

How do I even begin to describe this child. She is our first daughter, after 3 sons, a pleasant surprise in more ways than one!! Hehe!! During my pregnancy with her and because I was of, ahem, "Advanced Maternal Age" (old), the docs recommended an amniocentesis and of course the results were that she was healthy and that she was definitely a she . We were shocked, happy and surprised!! Even the boys wanted a sister because, "little brothers are just too tough!" Come to find out that little sisters are even tougher!! Hehe!! Now amnio results are 99.9999999% (or something crazy like that) correct, but I honestly did not believe that she was a she until she was born and I could check for certain missing parts! If ya know what I mean! Well, she was definitely a she

and she has continued to shock and surprise us and make us very happy!!

From a very young age, Em had this way about her!

I think it was gas!!! LOL!!

When she was 5 days old, she rolled over for the first time and we knew we were in trouble!! She is, very simply, the female version of our Charlie!

Yep, trouble!!!

She has had us all wrapped around her cute little finger since the beginning:

Notice the tears!!

Em is our spunky, sweet, sometimes bossy but always loving little girl. She can already give her Momma attitude,

but is so cute doing it,

and she can't stay mad for long!!

Em has always loved her brothers and wants to be just like them when she grows up.

As a matter of fact, she always tells me that when she is big and is a boy, she will get to do everything her brothers do, like football!!

I think she knows now that she can be a girl and play football!! Whew!!

Em also just LOVES being a big sister. She and Lizzie have become so incredibly close. They can fight like crazy and there are some days that I swear that "time out" step will forever have the indentations of two very cute but very naughty little girl bottoms!! Those days, though, are overshadowed by the "I love you little sister," and the "I love you too big sister," and the fact that neither one of these girls may have had a sister, may have never had each other and that would have been tragic!!

Em is big and tough but she also relies on Lizzie for comfort and support, as Lizzie relies on her.

They are sisters and they have a very special bond and it has been a beautiful thing to watch!

So my sweet Em! You are the perfect combination of girly girl,

and tomboy,

Her big boy pants!!

You make us laugh constantly,

and you take our breath away - constantly,

Em is our ballerina, football player and mommie in training all rolled up into one cute little package, who, btw, is going to be a doctor (a baby doctor) when she grows up!!

I love you baby girl!

You make me smile!!!

Gotta end with Hubby's all time fav video of Em. He liked it so much, he used it as the ring tone on his phone!! He is laughing every time I call him!! Hehe!!


  1. That was a great post, captures Em perfectly. I especially love the pictures of Em and Lizzie together. It's just so priceless.

  2. LOL she is so cute!!! I was laughing so hard at her in the Diego underpants LOL and it looks like she has on her brother's sparring gear? OMG she is a hoot!!! And beautiful!!! Great post!!!!

  3. I think I might have just fallen a bit in love with your little gal. Heh. And she reminds me a bit of my Aunt J, who ALSO had three big brothers.

  4. It was so neat to see your family. We had our first girl after having two boys and I completely understand what you mean by waiting to see if there were any "missing parts"- I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it! We are now waiting for another little sister from Korea. I loved reading about the relationship between your two little ladies. Just seeing those pictures made my day.

  5. Man her hair was so dark when she was born. What a cutie! I love the underoos shot. I have one of Hattie like that kindof, but she like to wear them backwards so she could see Spiderm*n better. Her little cheeks are hanging out of back (front). It is one of my favorites.

  6. AHAHAHA!! That last video is hilarious... love the foot stomp in the background for added drama ;)
    What a beautiful girl your Em is, and how it warms my heart to see those beautiful sister shots with her and Lizzie :)
    GREAT Sunday Snapshot, Annie! I love how you describe your kiddos, always so full of LOVE :)