Saturday, December 11, 2010


OK, I know that I just published my "Waiting Kids" post on Wednesday but I have gotten some new info on precious, sweet Blossom and I just felt moved to give her a post all to herself. 

You see, Lizzie attends the IEP class at the boys' school where she gets her speech therapy and OT and it is WONDERFUL!  I know how blessed we are with her teachers because I have heard horror stories about some IEP's! 

Anyway, there is the cutest, sweetest child in Lizzie's class who has severe CP.  She cannot speak but can communicate.  She cannot speak but can light up the room with her smile!  She cannot sit up but can learn about the world around her from her wheelchair - her wheelchair.

This child is a bright ray of sunshine every time I see her, every time I say hello and she flashes me that adorable smile, my heart melts!  Every time I see her, she just radiates warmth and love and life. 

Why am I telling you about this precious child in Lizzie's class?

I am telling you about her because I received an email about Blossom yesterday.

This email...

"As far as Blossom goes, her CP is severe. She is not mobile, needs assistance with all self-help (feeding, diapering, tooth brushing, etc.)."

"She was nonverbal when we were there in July 2009. However, she does communicate through smiles, eye gaze, and expressions. She is a beautiful, sweet, sensitive little girl who just melts a person's heart when they come in contact with her. I have a cousin who is the same age as Blossom and has severe CP so I can compare the two somewhat. Blossom is VERY easy going and not bothered by noise, activity, etc. She is able to consume her calories through her mouth with assistance (unlike many kiddos with severe CP). She is very aware of her surroundings and just so very sweet."
"She is obviously not mobile and cannot sit up independently. She love love loves music, stories, and attention. Harmony does an amazing job working with her. We were there for a 10 hour shift and she was worked with (PT) at least 3 times while we were there for at least 15-20 minutes each time. She is adored. She actually slept in a crib next to our little Bella and Bella loved to talk to her and entertain her."
Sound familiar??? 
When I read that email, I knew I had to step up my advocacy for this sweet child - who now had become very real to me.  Blossom is the precious child in Lizzie's classroom and I have to do something more for her.  So...
I am still appealing to any family out there who might be willing to take that big leap of faith, that leap of faith that would change this precious child's life forever!  I am appealing to any family out there who may be thinking about adopting again, may be praying about a child out there somewhere who they know is waiting for them - for the love of their family. 
To put it bluntly, I am appealing for a family for sweet, precious Blossom, because I see her future in the eyes of the beautiful child in Lizzie's class and I know her future if she stays in China.
Now, as much as I pray that the Lord leads Blossom's family to her, I am also appealing for something a bit more practical for Blossom.  Practical but essential, not essential for life but essential for quality of life. 
I am appealing for this after receiving another email yesterday about beautiful Blossom. 
This email...
Hi Annie

She is very sweet. I do believe she understands what is said to her. I asked my husband and my daughter and they both felt the same. My daughter was reminding me how much Blossom could express herself nonverbally- again with her eyes, her grin, her expressions.

I really have a hard time knowing if additional care here would get her sitting up independently. I know for sure that if she had a special wheelchair and could be upright, the learning that could occur in the world would improve immensely. Immensely. Receptively she understands. And I believe she is capable of learning. Social is definitely her strength.

Have you figured it out???  Yep, I would love to be able to get a wheelchair donated to this beautiful child, this child who if not being held, sees the world from a prone position but who if given the chance could maybe be more independent and definitely more social (which she loves) and part of the world around her! 

So, I am asking for help and am stepping out in faith cause I don't really know how to go about getting a wheelchair donated much less getting one shipped over but maybe you do?  Maybe your family or some other family that you know has a child with CP who has outgrown their chair and could donate it to help another sweet soul.  Maybe you know how to go about setting up a fundraiser and could give me some pointers, cause I am clueless!  Heh!  Maybe you are a family who might be traveling soon and could help in the transport of this donated wheelchair? 

Please, if you have any suggestions or want to help in any way or want to get more info on sweet Blossom, email me at or simply leave a comment on this post.

Thank you!


  1. oh how I wish we qualified for china!!!!!!!!!! She would be a perfect sister for Jeremiah and Noah!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing about beautiful Blossom. We met John Bentley when he came to share at our church and he was telling us about her. We actually thought little Linda was our Isabella but her file has not been given to the CCAA yet but the Lord did lead us to our Isabella through Linda.
    I will continue to pray for all of these precious children. If you start a chip in button where people can donate for her wheelchair please let me know. We can't give much, as I travel next month to bring our daughter home and we are still thousands short. But if many can give even a little the chair can be hers. Will be praying...
    Tami, I just wanted to say that if you are speaking of China's financial qualifications I have a friend whose agency was able to get them approved. Please contact me if you want any info on it.
    God bless the Children....

  3. Yes, contact Love without boundaries and they will most certainly set up an account, collect the money and know how to purchase the equipment she needs all in China. They just helped our SWI get clothes for the babies from money our Yahoo group donated on line. I have a contact there so let me know if you'd like her info to start this project. Thanks so much for thinking of her!
    Julie in Cincinnati

  4. Annie- you have such a beautiful heart. Please keep us posted as to whether you get something set up where we can donate!

  5. Annie...that precious angel melts my heart too. If you can figure out HOW to do the wheelchair my family WANTS/NEEDS to contribute!

  6. Annie,---- When I adopted our 2nd son from China, I transported a donated slightly used kids wheelchair to be used for a CP child. It was pretty easy. In China the guide shipped it by train. When I returned home, I received a picture of the child sitting in his bright pink chair with a big smile.
    Sue---waiting to adopt #7&8 from China!!

  7. Annie - Thanks for your amazing heart for Swallow. My uncle had severe CP and was able to communicate with an augmented voice. He neded total care and yet was able to go college. I'll definately contribute if something gets set-up for sweet Swallow. Thanks, too, for advocating for Yaru! Karin F

  8. Julie, I would love to get in touch with your contact at LWB's. Can you email me at

  9. I don't know if China is considered a developed or developing nation, but there is an organization dedicated to providing wheelchairs for children who are impoverished around the world. It would be worth contacting them. Here is their website:


  10. I posted your blog on my facebook in an effort to spread the word. Please keep us posted if you hear anything!

  11. Annie thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I appreciate your prayers! I am a praying person too. :)

    We adopted our first son from Taiwan in 1998 - he turned 1 shortly after we got home with him (he's 13 now) and then in Feb 2009 brought home two bio sisters from Ukraine (they are 12 and 13 now). We have 5 kids in all, two bio kids who are 9 and 11.

    I love adoption and do all I can to spread the word to help meet the need for permanent families for these kids! I put Honour's story on my facebook yesterday. What a great testimony for the difference it makes in a kids life! You don't always hear the other side of the story. :)

    Thank you for your efforts to help spread the word also. I've added you to my "favorites" and will pass along your stories as long as you keep posting them!

  12. I don't know if I am the contact Julie mentioned, but since Annie contacted me, maybe I am. I am Suzanne Damstedt the director of Orphanage Assistance and I would love to see us help. We have sent wheelchairs, order IN CHINA to other orphanages, but I don't know if they are the type that Blossom would need, so I need to check on that, BUT, I would love to help her get this wheelchair to help her until her family can come for her!! If anyone hears of people who want to contribute to this, please ask them to go to our site: Please put in the notes section BLOSSOM's WHEELCHAIR!! Let's see how much we can bring in...and I know the Orphanage Assistance Fund can help also.

    Suzanne Damstedt
    Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance Director
    Love Without Boundaries Foundation
    "Hope and Healing for Orphaned Children"

  13. Oh my gosh!!!! I am so touched and moved by the all the offers of help!! I have said it before and I will say it again - you all ROCK!!!!! The Lord absolutely wrote that post for me last night and I am praising him right now!!!! Thank you to everyone and Suzanne, I just emailed you but again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will post about this when I get the go ahead from Suzanne and may even add a page just for Blossom! If anyone knows how to make a button, that would be wonderful as well!!! Thank you again to EVERYONE!!!!

  14. Please let us know if/when we can donate through LWB. I am so touched by sweet Blossom and want to help.

  15. Go Annie Go---let God lead you and you will be His hands and feet!!

  16. I met Blossom this spring when we went to adopt our daughter. She is such a sweet child. Those nannies truly love her and care for her. Having a wheel chair will mean so much. She will be able to go downstairs and watch the other older children play. She will be able to go on their daily walks around the neighborhood. I can't wait to hear how this impacts her. Praying that a family who is equipped to handle her unique care will step forward and give her a place to call home.