Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - A Wheelchair for Blossom!!!!!

This Sunday Snapshot is a very special Sunday Snapshot for me. 

You see, there is a precious little girl in China.  This precious little girl's name is Blossom and she has severe CP.  Blossom cannot physically do anything but...

There is SO much life in her eyes! 

I took a step out in faith last night as I posted about this beautiful child in China, as I had never done anything like this before.  I truly felt God's hand on mine as I wrote this post and asked for help - help for this beautiful child with so much life in her eyes.

I never expected the immediate and overwhelming response I got, although I probably should have because the Lord is so great and because you all are so awesome, but I was still - blown away!

There were so many of you who without hesitation, offered help and donation so that sweet Blossom could be more mobile, could be a true part of the world around her, the world that she so loves experiencing! 

One of my wonderful readers suggested getting in touch with Love Without Boundaries and so - I - did and again without hesitation, Suzanne, their wonderful Orphanage Assistance Director, jumped right in and joyfully agreed to help!

In her own words, "let's get that girl a chair!"  LOVE it!!!!

So...  If you would like to donate to "A Wheelchair for Blossom," please go, here .  LWB's has set up a fund to help purchase a wheelchair for this precious child and all you have to do is again, go here , enter your info and the amount you would like to donate and make sure you put "Blossom's wheelchair" in the note section.  They also accept paypal.  You just need to make certain that you designate it for "Blossom's wheelchair." 

I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who commented and emailed and offered so much!  I am praising God for all of this and cannot wait to share pictures of beautiful Blossom in her first and very own - wheelchair!!!  Imagine the smile on her face when she is able to sit - up - all - by - herself!

I think I might make a separate page just for Blossom and the effort to get her a wheelchair.  Does anyone know how to make a button or would anyone offer to make a button for Blossom and her little bit of independence??

I know that this time of year, everyone is stretched so thin but please if you feel so led, please help this precious child experience the world around her more like a 5 year old should.

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Giving, giving, giving!!! I LOVE it! Praying that every doolar needed is raised for sweet Blossom.

    LOVE your heart, friend.

  2. Oh wow Annie! That is such a powerful testimony. I am rejoicing with you and trusting too that every Dollar necessary comes in swiftly. What a beautiful little girl. As you said you can see so much life in those beautiful eyes! Love you lots precious friend. Your heart inspires me so much!!!

  3. You're doing something great for that little girl. And you're totally right--there is so much life in her beautiful eyes!!! I wish I could do something for her wheelchair, but I'm making this comment from Bulgaria, bringing home my 6th child (now I have 3 biological and 3 adopted, and there are 2 more little boys to follow, also from Bulgaria, in 2011--and we're moving from CA to RI in a little over than one month! So, I cannot help at this time, but what you're doing is truly inspired by God. God bless, Lillian Godone-Maresca

  4. LOVE IT!!! Heading over to donate! :) Yay...go God!!! Our daughter just had her foot amputated and has a wheelchair and she LOVES it. It's only temporary until her foot is healed enough for a prosthetic, but I envision Blosson getting just as much joy out of HER chair as my daughter has gotten out of hers. :)))

  5. Wooohooo! Thank You Jesus! So thankful for this gift to her. Going to donate now.

  6. Blossom is truly precious....she does have so much life in those pretty eyes of hers!

    Thank you for going the extra mile for this little one!

    I cannot wait to see her in her new wheelchair!


  7. This is wonderful!

  8. Woo-hoo!!!! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her in her new chair soon...very soon!!!! :)

  9. Annie, I love your heart for these kids! So glad you stepped out and posted about Blossom. :)

    You rock!

  10. Thank you so much again!!!!! I am constantly amazed by the beautiful hearts of the adoption community!!! I hope to have some wonderful news to share very soon! Lillian, thank you and God bless your journey!!!

  11. YOU ROCK and your KIND and always thinking of these children who wait!
    Went and added some to the Fund, hopefully she will get some NEW WHEELS!

  12. Annie! All it takes is ONE PERSON (and God used YOU) to make this happen!
    Off to LWB.

  13. Annie - I'm a lurker on your site but I had to say thank you so much for taking the initiative to do this! I am so happy God placed this on your heart. I have spina bifida and am a full-time wheelchair user - I LOVE my wheelchair and always have because it lets me be so very active and independent - more so than many others my age! Thank you for seeing wheelchairs for what they really are - pieces of equipment that help people with disabilities achieve mobility and interact with the world around them. So many people use language like "confined to a wheelchair" and see wheelchairs as prisons or as things that hold people back - when in reality they LIBERATE people and allow them to engage with others and get around. They are also expensive, and my customized ultralight titanium manual wheelchair cost upwards of $4,000. In gratitude for my wheelchair (without which I never would be able to work, go to school, travel, or do anything!) I am definitely donating to help sweet Blossom get a chair and see the world around her. Thank you again for doing this and for recognizing how beneficial wheelchairs are, especially for these young ones as they grow and develop. Praying for this smart, beautiful, sweet little girl today - that she might get not only a chair but a family soon!