Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

OK, so this year we are not sending out Christmas Cards - just didn't make the budget this year!  Sigh!

However, we just had to take the insane traditional Christmas card pic, you know, cause I don't have enough insanity in my life!  Heh!

So, here is the official 2010 Christmas Card pic - unless I can talk the kids into doing it again!!!  Hehe!!

and some of the out takes:

 As I wrote on another friend's blog, I think I love the out takes more than the perfect picture because our life is more like an out take than a perfect picture.

I like it that way!! 

Here are also a pic of a beautiful Christmas ornament for some of my adoptive friends.

My beautiful sis in law gave me these wonderful ornaments at Christmas last year and I love them.  Pier One, y'all!!!

and because I am really tired, here are just some of our pics from Christmas so far, excuse the lack of snappy repartee':

Christmas PJ Party madness

Waiting on Santa

Santa at last!
wonder what Santa is telling Em??
Must have been good!!

Even big guys get to sit on Santa's knee

and little teeny ones too!

Must have told Lizzie, she wasn't getting that puppy!

Couldn't talk the 2 biggest boys into it!!!  3 out of 5 ain't bad!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!


  1. It's a great picture as usual! Hard to take a bad one of your bunch, they seem so photogenic! And your tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas, Elizabeth

  2. Those pics are sooooo cute. I loved them Thanks for sharing!!! Such good lookin kids

  3. Oh my goodness, Annie! This was the first year that I also did not send out cards, and I'm feeling kind of sad about it, but oh well, there's always next year. These photos are ADORABLE and the ones with Santa are so special!