Thursday, December 23, 2010

A "Blue" Christmas!

This is how my darling daughter looked when she got back from a few days with JuJu!!!!

Yep, that is a blue velour jump suit!!  Took me right back to a bad Olivia Newton John movie - a scary 70's flashback!  Hehe!

Payback for all those clothing battles, Mom????  Payback for forgetting to send clothes???  Hey, it is Christmas and we have 5 kids and I have no short term memory anymore or long term memory or come to think of it, not much left up there anymore at all!!!  How long can I claim "Mommie Brain" and does "Mommie Brain" just turn right into "Grandmother Brain?"  I figure we have earned it!  Hehe!

I WILL remember to send clothes next time and I WILL continue to hide carefully put away Em's bad 70's flashback for the next time she visits JuJu!!! 



  1. I love how her personality comes through in your photos!

  2. I think she looks really cute!!!!! I have heard velour leisure suits are making a come back. In fact, I have my eye on a bubble gum pink one for her and Lizzie, maybe even the boys. Love Marney

  3. Emmeline looks so cute in her little outfit!! Brinley is standing here and she said, "Hey, Mom, that's the girl that sits on the sprinklers at the water park!" ROFL!