Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Love!

It has been a beautiful 15 years and I love you more now than when we first met, only because I now know you as a husband and a father.

You have an amazing heart and it shows in all that you do

Especially when you are moved to tears at the same exact things that move me to tears and it is NOT the dust!!!  LOL!

You are silly

and sweet - ok maybe it is the dust - sometimes!!!  Hehe!

and you really like to sleep!

You share my love and advocacy for children - in a BIG way!!! 

and animals

You know, most people think that having 5 kids and 4 dogs and 1 crazy cat is my fault!!

Oh contraire!!!  You, my love, are my partner in crime and that makes my heart sing!

You are the most amazing father and hubby and I just wanted to thank you for 15 years of love, laughter, faith, friendship, passion, silliness and sweet chaos - organized chaos we like to call it.  Hehe!

We couldn't be together tonight to celebrate but you are never far from my heart and I look forward to so many more years of love, laughter, faith, friendship, passion, silliness and oh so sweet chaos!  Do you know how many grandkids we may end up with???

Come what may we have each other (and 5 kids, 4 dogs and one crazy cat) and that is enough for me!



  1. So So Sweet!!! Happy Anniversary and may you be blessed with many more fun-filled years together!

  2. Awwww...that's so sweet. Love the pics! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. What a beautiful post! Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary guys! Love seeing the pics! Jake asked me "Why you was a princess" when he saw my wedding picture. You looked just like a princess too! Beautiful!!!

  5. LOVE this beautiful post and seeing your gorgeous wedding pics, Annie! Congratulations on 15 wonderful years together and praying for many more than that!! Hugs my friend!

  6. Congratulations!!!! (Sorry this is late. Can you tell I am trying to catch up on blogs? I am so far behind on my reading.)