Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Oh No, Not Again!!!

They keep on doing this to me!!!

These kids of mine just keep growing up!!!!

My sweet Caleb turned 8 years old yesterday!!!

8 years old, y'all!!!!

Wasn't he just my precious baby boy???

It feels like he was just my precious baby boy!

My sweet, sensitive Caleb who, at the ripe old age of 8, has had his fair share of bumps in the road.  He is my sensory kiddo, feeling things SO deeply and struggling SO much with food and his emotions.  I have often said that his sensory issues are a double edged sword.  His beautiful heart feels things intensely and he does such wonderful little things for those he loves, because he loves so deeply. 

He is my note writer..

who loves to leave treats for his siblings...

and giant get well cards when they are sick.

He keeps me posted on how I am doing...

and entertains his sisters like no one else can...

and boy do they love him!

Caleb once offered to empty his piggy bank so that we could go back to China and bring another sister home!  His heart truly hurts for those in need and he wants to make it all better.  I have no doubt that just by being in this world, my sweet Caleb IS making it all better!

The other side of that double edged sword is the fact that Caleb and food really do not get along so well together.  My sweet child  had a tough time with food as a baby and has a tough time with food now! 

If it is healthy or green - he won't eat it!!!  Hehe!

In fact, do you know what birthday presents brought the biggest smiles out of my Caleb???

That's right, chips and candy! 

Oh yeah, and make your own slime!!!

Gee, thanks Marney!!!!  Hehe!

One day, Caleb found a wrist band on the ground at school.  When he showed me what he had found, I didn't think much of it, but as I looked closer, I saw what it said...

Just a little reminder for me of the battle he has with food everyday!

Caleb has had stitches on his eye, lost a fight with some barbed wire...

febrile seizures as a baby and oh yeah, as a result of a bad fall at school, the doctors discovered a cyst on his brain!!! 

Sheesh and here I was thinking his brother Charlie was the mischief maker!  Maybe I was wrong??  Maybe, Charlie is just loud in the mischief that he makes and my sweet Caleb is a bit more stealthy in his misadventures!  LOL!

He made it all the way to 8, though, and so we celebrated!!!!  Heh!

Caleb decided that he wanted pizza....

and friends....

and games....

Well, his sisters did anyway!

and cake (that he helped me decorate)....

and the chaos that comes with 3 good friends....

and cake...

and 2 little sisters...

who think they can hang with the boys....

and do!

This is how I remember the night!

They partied so hard, we actually lost all power!!!  Well, not really, but we did loose power when a neighborhood transformer blew and we were left - in the dark - with 6 soda high boys - 2 candy drunk girls - 4 terrified dogs - and one "I am SO over this" cat!!! 

It was a long fun night and I am really glad that my sweet darling Caleb only has ONE birthday every year!!!  Whew!

I love you sweet boy!!!

Happy Birthday and may your next 8 years be filled with, well, non-hospital related events!!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Caleb! What an amazing son you have! I love that he leaves notes for his family members.

  2. Happy birthday Caleb! 8 years is a beautiful age for growing, enjoying and doing a lot of things. Continue being like you are.
    Mónica and her family.

  3. Oh my word...could he possibly be any cuter than he already is????? How do you stand it, friend?

    Heartbreaker someday....I'm warning you now :)

    Happy birthday to your big boy!

  4. How cute is that child...I love boys, i have 2 that i am crazy about but just wanted to say what a FUN night you had and also what a cutie heartbreaker he is! Now i am off to post something on my middle man's b-day!

  5. Happy birthday to your boy, sounds like a sweetheart! What is up with boys and healthy food by the way?? Mine are the same way!

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet Caleb....what a handsome guy and he sounds like such a loving fella. You better get ready for the girls that will be calling! :)


  7. Happy Birthday Caleb! Has your mom let you start driving yet?

  8. sweet post. Hope he had a wonderful bday!

  9. Looks like everyone had a good time. I just had an 8 year old party at my house too. Fun times! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Caleb! He sounds so sweet! A lot like my Matthew, super thoughtful to those around him, all boy, won't eat greens!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to Caleb!!!!