Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - It is that time of year again...

Oh yeah baby!!!  It is soccer time!!!  Just when you thought it was safe around here cause Flag Football was over,

here comes soccer

Some of us were less than enthused

and down right bored

cause their season hasn't started - YET!!!

You know, as a child who never wanted to break a sweat unless it was on a stage - dancing - in a tutu - or if there were pom poms involved, I am absolutely amazed at how I LOVE watching my kids on that field.  How I really want my kids and in particular my girls to learn a sport, I mean really learn a sport and how I think it will help them as they grow and mature and have to participate in the big bad world out there!   Just feeling comfortable enough to join in a team sport allows them to meet others and form friendships, now and well into adutlhood!  Most of my kids' friends come from their teams and they are all good kids, really good kids!

So while I tend to get just a tad excited about watching them play

and while I might yell encourage them rather loudly

and embarrass them greatly, especially when I yell say something like, "way to go baby!"  I know that deep down inside, they are annoyed by appreciate my cheers - I used to be a cheer leader, doncha know!!!  HEH!

Heck the girls yell encourage louder than I do!!!! 

Tell me it is not cute when a 4 year old yells to her big brother to, "go after that ball!!!"  Honestly, it is SO cute and they know more than me, the correct thing to yell, whereas I ALWAYS get it wrong!!!  I told you, I want them to learn a sport - I am hopeless!!!  LOL!

For the next little bit, my blog might just be high jacked with soccer pics and soccer video (you know I have to post all those goals the girls make).  So, hang in there, the season only lasts until May!!! 


If Stef is up to posting a Sunday Snapshot, go here,

Ni Hao Yall

and please keep them in your prayers!


  1. I just know if we lived closer we'd be seeing each other ALL the time on the field!! Jake's been doing indoor and our spring season prac starts this week. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Think I'll go buy a snuggie!

  2. Wow! It looks so warm there! Enjoy the season!

  3. Ha ha! Not quite soccer time yet in Nebraska - we still have snow on the ground (not that we have not played in snow...) I'm enjoying my favorite time of the year...between sports season time. Basketball is done. Soccer has not started. We only have gymnastics right now. It is amazing how much calm my life is when not running people to practice and games!

  4. I am just venturing into my first season as a soccer mom. Will be interesting, to say the least!

  5. I love watching my girls in their sports too - it is so much fun. Maybe I love it more than they do :)

  6. I have enjoyed watching our children play soccer for many many years- I think we are going on 25years! I love the sport in every way!! Our Katie played D 1 at U of Iowa! Mark played D1 club soccer and our Johnny is hoping to play in college, too- D1 or D3- we will see! We also had a D3 golfer and another child had we allowed him to ski in HS would have done well- it has been wonderful!!

    Thanks for letting me brag!! It felt kind of good!

    Our new children will most likely go in a different direction but we will see where God leads us!

    AD YES, I am well a where of the fact that I sounded completely obnoxious! Thanks for the Moment! ;-)

  7. Is it already that time? It's been a few years since I've had one participate in soccer, but it's a great sport to be involved in! All your kiddos look so skilled (and cute) on that soccer field! :)


  8. It's soccer season around here too! I've got 3 playing this season, whixh translates to 3 practices and 3 games each week. Wouldn't miss a minute of it! Enjoy the season!