Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - YES you can!

You know, Lizzie has always been a child who knows no limits.  A child whose first English sentence was, from what I recall, "me do it!"  A child who never let a backwards, upside down foot stop her from running and playing and from being a kid.  A child who never let 18 casts and silly old brace slow her down!  A child that taught herself how to shuffle cards with her precious little hands and never once said, "I can't do it!"

You get the picture, this child is d - e - t - e - r - m - i - n - e - d!!


I was totally unprepared for what I heard from this very determined child, at the girls' flag football game the other day. 

After making her 2nd touch down of the game (hehe), Lizzie was sent to the sidelines to sit out for a while.  As we were sitting there watching her sister block those boys on the other team (3 big brothers come in handy sometimes - heh), my sweet, determined Lizzie uttered those 2 little words, 2 little but very powerful words...

I can't

She was looking at her hands and telling me that she couldn't pull those flags because she just didn't have enough fingers!

Oh my darling child, what you lack in the way of fingers, you more than make up for in the way of sheer WILL and CHUTZPAH!

So, we talked about how she could do anything she put her mind to and that having or not having the "required" number of fingers had nothing to do with what she would accomplish in her life, which at that particular moment was pulling flags!  We sat there and practiced pulling her own flag until she pulled it all the way off, and that - was - all - it - took! 

Lizzie got herself up off that bench, marched onto that field, head held high and proceeded to pull, not one, but THREE flags!!!!

She turned to me after her first "tackle" and said, "I did it Mom!  You told me I could do it and I did it!!"

My sweet, determined, tenacious, courageous Lizzie!  At four years old, you have taught me so much about life and living. 

I know there may be a few more "I can'ts" down the road but I also know you and I have no doubt that your beautiful spirit will ultimately turn every "I can't" into an "I can!"

I know I have posted  many a video or 2 of my sweet child and her "shock and awe" on the footbal/soccer field, but just had to end this post with one more!!!!

Yes, you CAN

I don't know if Stefanie will be posting a Sunday Snapshot this week or not.  Please keep her and her sweet family in your prayers,

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Your little Lizzie will do great things with that determination of hers! :) What a cutie!
    We'll continue to pray for Stef!

  2. Love this! Lizzie is one special lady!

  3. So precious. I know he will accomplish great things.

  4. Not only is Lizzie so amazingly determined, but God placed her in an AMAZING family that will nurture that independence and positive outlook. I work with kids with disabilities and I see determined kids who have parents who want to protect their kids so much that they don't give them room to go out there and take chances and show what they're made of, and eventually those kids just give up fighting their parents and resign themselves to being less capable than they are. You are such an awesome mom who is so protective of little Lizzie yet you give her room to see what she can do and I LOVE that! Growing up with a disability myself, I wouldn't be able to do anything I'm doing today if my parents hadn't let me be free and encouraged me to do anything I wanted to do. You are such an awesome mom and Lizzie is going to accomplish so much not only because of her INCREDIBLE spirit but also because you are there to encourage and nurture that spirit so well.

  5. She is such an amazing little girl!!!!

  6. What an incredible cutie pie! She will surprise and amaze many people in her life. Love her!

  7. Way to go Lizzie...with that kind of determination there is NOTHING you can't do!

  8. I have tears in my eyes just reading about it! These kids always amaze me!