Wednesday, November 9, 2011


OK, I know Halloween was last week but I was a bit obsessed consummed with Orphan Sunday and getting ready for Orphan Sunday and talking to Kim about Orphan Sunday (and everything else under the sun - hehe). 

Bottom line - I neglected my Halloween pics.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to

Miss Em...

my WILD CAT - her words not mine, although she got an "amen" on that one!!!  Hehe!

Miss Lizzie...

my sweet Polar Bear, who didn't growl all night - not even her tummy which was FULL of candy!

Young Master Caleb...

my stealthy Ninja who protected our candy loot for us all night!

And the older two...

who are probably TOO OLD TO GO TRICK OR TREATING!  I never know who they are suppossed to be and I don't think they do either!!!  Heh!  But it is the call of the candy that prompts them to don old army jackets and camoflage face paint:)

We started the night helping out at our Church's festival. 

Take a look at the little helper in the background

yeah, you better run!  hehe!

They put us in charge of the dart game!
Yep, you heard me they put darts in the hands of our kids and then put them in charge no less!!  LOL!

It was fun though and no one was injured and it was a great way to start our night, our LONG night, cause ya know we had to make up for the time spent at the church festival and trick or treat long after the face paint started to fade away!!

It was a fun night and I am certain that all the Peanut M & M's I ate got burned off with ALL the walking we did!!!  That is what I am telling myself anyway!!  Heh!


  1. Such fun photos! (And now I feel better that I haven't done my Halloween post.)

  2. What a great lookin crew of trick or treaters you had! :)


  3. Love the costumes and love the fun!!

    BUT most importantly I want to know where do you live!!

    WHY? Because I want that kind of weather at Halloween time!! Oh and yes of course I would love to live near you!!

  4. Haha!!! Jean we are in SC and I would LOVE to be your neighbor!!!!! There are a couple of empty lots next door!!!!! Hint hint:):)

  5. The kids looked great! We need to see them again soon.