Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Did You Do It????

My sweet child...

how in the world....

did you make it through the day....

at school last year????

These are the many positions of my dear child during a normal home school day:)

This is usually how we start

and it slowly deteriorates, but how can I complain?
My precious child made straight A's on his very first home school report card!! 

I think I won't mess with success!!  Hehe!


  1. Rachel and Katie say, "Congratulations on the straight A's!" And also, "does he really watch his videos that way??" lol!

  2. As they say: if it ain't broke....... Of course, whoever said this needed a grammar lesson! LOL

  3. I didn't know you were homeschooling all of your kids this year! Good for you! My kids have it made in the shade too. How I wish I had been homeschooled!

  4. Yay for all A's! I tell you...that looks just like my Colt being homeschooled. He literally scooted his head across the floor, hung off the back of the couch, and I think found every position possible for furniture, but was an excellent student.....the boy just needed to move!

    Have a fun looks like you'll never have a dull moment! :)