Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving - Really???

OK so WOW!

It is almost Thanksgiving!!!

How did that happen???

Wasn't it just Halloween???

I am the kids are still eating their Halloween candy!

How can it almost be Thanksgiving??


Time marches on!

So, just as I put up the Halloween lights and I am the kids are finishing up the remnants of their Halloween candy, the girls have their Thanksgiving Day program at school!

Em was a Native American...

Princess, if you ask her!  Heh!

and Lizzie....

Well my precious little Lizzie was a


and happy to be one, I must say!  Hehe!

I was so thankful for my princess and my turkey and so proud of both of them but...

The one thing that truly made me thankful was finding out that my little turkey is more than likely going to be released from the school's Special Ed program!!!

Yep, that little turkey has gone and done so well at school and at life, that her Special Ed teachers and her Kindergarten teachers think she would be better served spending her entire day, every day with her mainstream kindergarten class.

Oh boy is my little turkey going to gobble this up!!  (sorry - heh)

She hated being pulled from her mainstream class to go to her Special Ed classes - but shhhhhh!

It is not quite official yet and you don't want to spoil the surprise!!!

Way to go my little turkey lurkey! 

I knew those broken wings would eventually heal and you would soar!

I know, I know, turkeys don't fly...

but apparently this one does, with a little help from her turkey day twin!!!

Love my girls!


  1. What a sweet princess and turkey! Congratulations to Lizzie! What a wonderful accomplishment! I know you are proud of her! God is so good!

  2. What great news about your Lizzie! And the girls look wonderful in their Thanksgiving costumes.

  3. I bet that little turkey DOES hate leaving her mainstream class - I know I did! I was usually so upset to be missing a fun activity/lesson that I was engrossed in and I hated leaving my friends. Luckily, it wasn't very often, just for PT, adaptive PE, and periodic testing, but I still remember it! Will she still be pulled for speech therapy, OT, or any other services, or does she no longer require any school services? Either way, that is such awesome news - yeah Lizzie!