Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Room #6

So Thursday started out to be like any other day.

I sent the girls off to school.

I drove the older boys to school.

I got Caleb started on his Math test...

and then...

I answered my phone...

I should have known when I saw the number...

I KNEW when I heard her voice...

"Mrs. Hamlin, this is L--- H---, I am here with Emmeline - in the nurse's office...

"in the nurse's office"

Never a good thing!

At this point you know that you are either going to be dealing with a vomiting child or a bleeding child and with my kids, with the exception of one who tends to vomit when he just thinks he might have a fever, if you chose bleeding...

you would be right!!!

Now, here is the toughie!

Can you guess which child tried to get out of school by bleeding profusely from the head???

No peaking!!

If you have read my blog for a while, you might just be able to guess which child had a fight with his/her desk

and lost!

Which child might, how shall I say this, be a bit more inclined to end up at the nurse's office bleeding so badly that his/her Mom (that would be I) had to be called away from her perfectly peaceful morning routine??

Well, here is a hint.

It is not this one, believe it or not,

but it might as well have been!

Got it now???

Well, if you guessed this one...

You would be right!!!!

Yes, little Miss Emmeline decided that she just had to follow in the foot steps of her brothers, her "twin" brother to be exact!

So, off we go to the local urgent care, who honestly should know us by name and have a dedicated wing just for our kids!  Heh!

Dear Miss Em ended up in the same exact bed, the same exact room, room #6, as did her "twin" when he decided to wipe up the road with his face!

Ah yes, room #6, I remember it well.  What memories!! 

We were treated to popcorn and soda and chips and prizes and...


Yep, Miss Em decided that even though her injuries didn't require a CT scan or an MRI as did her "twin's," she figured she would "out stitch" him by 3 whole stitches!

but with all the chips and popcorn and prizes and soda that you can handle, who cares about 5 little stitches!

I am surprised we didn't end up back at the local urgent care later that night with tummy aches!

My kids spent the rest of the day banging their heads up against the wall trying to get me to take them back!!

I am on to you, urgent care place!!!

So that was out little stroll down memory lane in room #6.

I spent the rest of the day trying to keep her quiet!

Yeah right!

Once again, Miss Em has proven that she is...


Sigh!!!  Hehe!

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  1. Oh OUCH! That looks like it hurts! She's a spunky one, isn't she? Pretty cute though. :)

  2. Sounds like my house as a child. No shoes, LOTS of stubbed toes, regular trips to the ER (pick a child, any child...), scars and bruises. Oh, the bruises.... the five of us were active to say the least. Dirty and bleeding was a regular thing in our house! At least she is more beautiful than her brothers.....even with a purple and red eye!

  3. Ouch!

    The nurses in the ER knew my brother by name when we were little. Even recognized him when his class went there on a field trip when he was in Kindergarten and commented that they hadn't seen him in a while!

    Watch out for those desks! They can be vicious!

  4. you have succeded in making me say OUCH and AWW at the same time! Cute thing she is but bet it hursts!

  5. Oh my word, she's one tough chick - and pretty darn adorable too :)
    Hope she's all better soon!

  6. Wow, Miss Em is so brave! An emergent care center that services popcorn what will they think of next?

  7. Ouch! Hope she's feeling much better very soon!

  8. The inevitable eye-brow gash....didn't we all have one?! Owen got his this summer! :)

  9. Haha Elizabeth! You are so right! I have one too!!!

  10. Wow! That is one heck of a shiner to go along with those stitches!

  11. Well, I think she looks beautiful even with that magnificent shiner!