Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - A Little Girl...

There is a little 7 year old girl on my heart.

A little girl in China who came to me as a file; a name, an age and a special need but became so much more.

A little girl in China who was abandoned at the tender at of 4 years old, in the Spring right before we brought our Lizzie home.

A little girl in China whose needs were, mostly likely, far beyond what her birth parents could help her with.

She was 4 years old.  Maybe they tried to help her, maybe not but I can only imagine what that must have felt like, to abandon your child whom you had loved for 4 years, your child whose legs were so bent and weak that she could not walk, your child who would not get the help she needed if she stayed with you, your child who would hopefully get the help she needed with someone else, but at such a price.

So, at 4 years old this precious child lost all that she had ever known and began her life in an orphanage.

She became a file, a number on a list with 2000 other kids who are reduced to an age, a gender and a special need.

When she came to me, however,  she became "Cherry." 

When she came to me, her story broke my heart and that was all it took! 

I was done for!

Sweet Cherry just had to find a family.  I didn't think it would take long.  I mean, she is not that old, she cannot walk well but she is determined and I know ALL about that from our Lizzie.  With the right equipment and some good PT, she would do well.  She is cute, oh so cute and from her file, so incredibly sweet.

Easy, right?


She sat and sat and no one even asked about her.

No one.

Not once.

So, in my advocacy for her, and as God would have it, a beautiful friend of mine emailed me and asked if she could help Cherry in some way.


But how...

It wasn't easy as her orphanage is in a remote location and not easy to get to but through the grace of God and my wonderful friend, we were able to get some video, some beautiful, heart breaking video, video that told us what we needed to do for sweet Cherry.

Sweet Cherry is using a stool to help her to walk but it hasn't seemed to dampen her spirit or her determination.  Cherry falls down - a lot - but she gets herself up, brushes herself off and tries again...

and she does all of this without the help of a walker, without the help of braces, without the love and support of a family but - without complaint.

Love Without Boundaries ( go here to check out this wonderful organization ) was able to get a wheelchair donated that just so happen to fit her perfectly, of course. 

Thank you Lord.

However, we have to get it to her and that is expensive.

We were thrilled with the fact that sweet Cherry would now have a way to get around a bit easier and faster, but we also knew that she would benefit greatly from a walker ( a real walker - not a wooden stool ) and braces to straighten and strengthen her legs and once again through Love Without Boundaries, the Lord provided and my wonderful friend was able to get the braces donated.

Praise Him!

The walker, however,  is not donated and is expensive, but I know better than to impose a limit on the Lord and what He can do, so I am asking for donations, I am asking for $600.

While that figure makes me break out into a cold sweat, I am full of faith and confidence that the Lord will provide all that we need, that through my wonderful readers, the Lord will help this child to have what she needs to be able to participate easier in her life, to be able to walk a bit more steadily, to maybe not fall down quite as much and to help her to know that she is not just a number, a gender and a special need.


 I hope this donation will not only help her physically but also help her to know that she is loved and prayed for and thought about and worthy, oh so worthy!!

Love Without Boundaries has graciously agreed to collect the donations and get all of this to sweet Cherry, a beautiful little 7 year old girl in China who is NOT FORGOTTEN.

Please pray about this, about Cherry and if you feel so led, please click here to donate.  Just make certain that you write in the notes section -  "Orphanage assistance: Cherry's fund"

If you just cannot donate right now but want to help, please pass this link along anywhere and everywhere and pray for this beautiful, worthy, child of God.

Thank you so very much.

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  1. I am so on this. I am sharing this on fb and getting on board. Thanks so much for sharing this. The body of Christ needs this info so we can help in practical ways.

  2. What a beautiful girl - I know He will provide what she needs! I know the feeling of being compelled to advocate for these children -- I am advocating for a 17 month old boy on my blog right now. I am trusting that God is already preparing His family for him. So hard to see these little ones who are people across the world...not files...children...