Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yep... Blue Jeans, Laptops and God

What do they have in common?

Well, I am sitting here in my blue jeans working on my new computer AND my repaired computer

AND I am praising God, but there is more to the story...

and it is all about trust...

and faithfulness...

and blue jeans...

and yes, laptops!

You see, we have been on a journey and it has been hard at times and it has been wonderful most of the time and it has been FULL of trust...

 and faithfulness...

 It started a very, very long time ago but I will save that for another day.

Recently, however, our journey has kicked it up a notch, throttled full speed ahead and while it has, at times,  been full of potholes, we are moving closer to our destination than I ever thought we would be...

 and that makes all the bumps in the road so beautifully worth it.

So, it started with a pair of blue jeans.

Yep, a pair of blue jeans.

Ever heard the expression

Yeah, well hubby needed blue jeans and we could not afford to buy him new jeans and the local Good Will had NONE in his size and we had patched and repatched  his old jeans to the point of no return so...

We prayed

for blue jeans


and ya know what

we got blue jeans

lots of blue jeans

it was raining blue jeans!

Seriously, it started when I shared our prayer request to ONE friend -one friend, my dear friend, Angie - Rylands Family.  I felt a little silly asking for her to pray for blue jeans for us but it just came out of my mouth before I could get it back!  Sometimes that happens with me!  Heh!

Blue jeans!

So, I went on my merry way, praying for blue jeans, feeling rather silly doing so but praying none the less.

Well, the next day, Angie and I were at our biweekly adoption chat and guess what?

She and her sweet hubby had found a pair of blue jeans - at the thrift store - in the exact size we needed - in like new condition!

OK, wow!  I was praising the Lord for blue jeans - but it gets better!

The very next day while we were at Christian's flag football game a dear friend of ours gave us...

you guessed it

Blue jeans!

A big huge box filled with blue jeans!

They were not for hubby but for the kids but they were in GREAT shape (do you know how hard it is to find hand me down, boys jeans with both knees still intact - almost impossible I say - ha) and there were SO many that I was actually able to give a few pairs back to Angie for her growing boys!

God is just so good!

OK, so the lord provided blue jeans, however, in the mean time, my computer crashed and burned! 

I was internetless, disconnected and unable to advocate as I had been. 

It was so frustrating as, from my phone, I watched my inbox fill to the brim.  Requests for info and advocacy that had to go unanswered because I was computerless! 

My old computer was well, old and had always had problems but hubby has always been able to slap a bandaid on there and it would work for a while longer until...

Last weekend!

Last weekend my computer crashed and this time, hubby just could not kiss it and make it all better.

So we prayed and I posted my prayer request

just once

and do you know what the Lord did?

Almost as soon as I posted the request, I get a text from my sweet neighbor demanding that I bring my laptop over there so her hubby could fix it or she was going to come and get it herself...

cause that is what her hubby does and does well!

Now I know my sweet neighbor and I knew that she meant what she said!  Hehe!

So, I took it and he fixed it and even made it a bit better and faster - cause y'all it was S - L - O - W!

So I was thanking my wonderful neighbors and praising the Lord when...

I find out that a friend of a friend saw my post and wanted to DONATE one of their laptops - to me!

Really????  Me????

I was speechless and so incredibly thankful and could not have imagined how great the Lord would bless me through these beautiful souls!

When I went to pick up my new computer, I found out that it was Red and that Red had written me a little note!

How great is that! 

Everyone was so excited to have not one but TWO working laptops in the house

there was much rejoicing!  Hehe

especially from this one!

So, blue jeans, laptops and God

Not a usual combination of words but a combination of love and faithfulness and trust that has moved my heart and taken me just a bit farther in my walk with the Lord.

Thank you to my sweet neighbors and to Red's former family and to our wonderful Father who is always there to answer our prayers!

Now, while I thought this was to be the end of this post, I quickly found out tonight that there is SO much more - SO much more!

Stay tuned...


  1. You and your family are "worth more than many sparrows,"Annie. And you are a treasure to so many here as well. I'm so glad that God is blessing you. He IS in the details. Love you!

  2. Annie, that is awesome. I love it. God is absolutely in the details - blue jean knees and all.

  3. Annie, What an honor it has been to me that the Lord would allow me to be in your life! Giving, even when it is just a simple pair of $4 Blue Jeans is often more precious for the giver than those who receive the gift! I love that the Lord is allowing me to show my new (and my younger) sons the value of giving and loving others! I hope that the memories will last their whole lives and that they will look for opportunities to love others.
    I can't wait to see what God has in store for your family this year!

  4. What a fun story of how God works in our lives! Love it!

  5. Just love how God works out ALL the details:) Congrats on the new computer!!

  6. Oh, Ann, this is just so amazing the way He has worked for you! What a testament to His love and yes, He *is* in the details...however small we think they are.

  7. YIPPEEE!!! I love how God is! :) You are an invaluable part of the advocacy world and He knew we needed you back! :) Love ya!


    How heartwarming!! Thank you for sharing your story!!

    I'm praising God in thankfulness for His provisions- He is so amazing!!

    You've made my day!!
    Thank You!!

  9. Love hearing of these many blessings, Annie! God knows your heart and he loves to provide just what you need just when you need it!


  10. Annie, Thank you for such a sweet, honest, and transparent view into your heart! I needed to be reminded today that God is in the details and that He will provide - even in ways we don't expect! I still think fondly of the day when Tobe asked me to call you to ask about "stewart" AKA Luke Sullivan and I was pacing outside of the Bootjack as I talked to you knowing that my life was no longer going to be the same! Thank you! In your receiving these gifts and sharing the story with us, you have blessed me!

  11. Anne, I loved this!! I knew you'd get those computers somehow, but this whole story is just great. Needs to be published in Guidepost (and they might pay real money for more laptops, etc!). Give it a try. Then all of you writers and friends need to go to bed! According to the timelines, you NEVER sleep!! :)) Much love to all. And happy groundhog's day, and also Valentine's! :)

  12. Thank you all so so much! I was honestly blown away by all of this and by your very sweet comments! I cannot wait to tell the rest of the story:):)

  13. you are such an inspiration MRs Annie Angel Girl....Just Beautiful...SO glad I have had the pleasure of well YOU


  14. LOVE that story!! Answered prayers for sure! :)