Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday Charlie


If I had to describe Charlie in one word, that word would be...


My sweet Charlie likes to have fun and...


Charlie never takes things too seriously so on the few occasions that he gets upset...

he really gets upset...

but it never lasts long (it never does with boys, does it - heh)...

and our sunshine child is back

ready for the next adventure...

and with Charlie...

there are LOTS of adventures!

Yep, our Charlie keeps us on our toes!

He keeps us laughing...

and shaking our heads!  Hehe!

Charlie, however, is that rare combination of fun and funny

and caring

and compassionate

and oh so sweet!

He still hugs his Momma

Although not usually in front of his friends!

Many times he is the peacemaker in our house...

even though he is usually the one "disturbing the peace!"  Hehe!

and now...

He is 12 years old!!

One year away from teenagerhood!!


To celebrate his 12th birthday, he wanted to play football

with a bunch of boys

a bunch of wild boys who

apparently don't know the meaning of 2 hand touch

or NO tackle



We had "C" cupcakes

and Che*tos

unfortunately we forgot the wipes! Ha!

It was a great day

for a great kid!!

I think I will end with Charlie's own personal signature on his phone

Charlie is...

We love you sweet Charlie Boo and hope that all your days will be

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  1. Ah! TWELVE! I have one, too (he turned 12 last month)....Problem is, he already thinks he's a teenager! ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!! What an adorable and fun loving boy!!

    I need to know where you live because you are in shorts and I am jealous and need to move there so we can be in shorts too!

  3. Happy birthday, Charlie! He looks like such a wonderful boy! :)

  4. Well it certainly goes by too quickly doesn't it?!! What a great young man you have!!

  5. Thanks for all the birthday wishes y'all! Jean we are in the South East:) It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Come on down!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Charlie ! How do you manage with all the pets? We had birds and after our 4th child was born I gave them away because my son kept forgetting to feed them. Do your children feed the animals.

  7. Hi likeschocolate, my kids do help out around the house a lot. Feeding the dogs inlcuded - sometimes. It was actually my 8 year old's job until our old foster needed so much medication. I took it back over then. We lost him right before Christmas so i think he will be getting his job back soon. It is busy but it is doable:)

  8. Hope Charlie had a great birthday! I can see fun written all over his face! He's a handsome guy too! :)