Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Lesson in Flash Light Tag

Watch out for Zip Lines!

I guess Charlie figured he had to try and one up his little brother!

Couldn't let his reputation slip!

Or maybe he was just craving some popcorn and soda

and thought a trip to our friendly neighborhood urgent care was in order!

curse you friendly neighborhood urgent care - heh!

 I'm telling you these kids will do ANYTHING for popcorn and soda!

Alas, no urgent care - THIS TIME!

Now when they start serving cheesecake...

I might just have to play flash light tag - hehe!

So, advice for the day:

Always check for zip lines BEFORE playing flash light tag...

oh and next time, just ASK for popcorn and soda!  Sigh!


  1. Poor Charlie! Flashlight tag...sounds fun...except for the zip line!

  2. Wow. So that's what I have to look forward to! Angie

  3. ohhh my lands!!! Ooooouuuuu!!!!!!

  4. Annie! Never a dull moment, huh? Your blog should be entitled, "The Hamlin Family Boo Boo Blog". Hehe!

  5. Must run in the family....Get your mother to tell you about when your grandfather slit his throat on barbed wire by standing in the saddle of his horse while clipping a low-hanging twig from a tree in his way. The call from the hospital to St. Jude Bazaar to fetch your Aunt Betty was a definite alarm to everyone. The tear was very close to his jugular, I think. Heredity?? or just plain "male"?? or just not thinking?? Glad it wasn't worse!! Hang in there. How's Lizzie's surgery?? Haven't heard an update on that.

  6. Oh my! I will have to ask her about that! I think it must be a combination of all 3!!! LOL!

    Lizzie has not had the surgery yet. We are hoping it will happen in March. We have our consultation soon.

  7. OH!!! OUCH!!! This is what I have to look forward to, isn't it? Zip lines and flashlight tag, not to mention the urgent care. They must know your boys by name! LOL Eric still remembers the time he was running and trying to climb over a 6 ft fence and his shirt got caught. He landed face first and his teeth suffered! Ah, boys!

  8. Annie,

    I'm so sorry but I was laughing when I saw this on the sidebar of my blog....thinking poor Annie! Your kids keep you on your toes with their accident proneness. (Is that a word)?

    Okay, Charlie. I'm sorry for laughing. Ouch...a zipline had to hurt! But flashlight tag does sound like fun! Hope you're feeling better. Hope you got your popcorn and soda! :)