Sunday, April 1, 2012

And the winner is...


Yep, Lizzie entered a drawing at school and won!

The girl won a bike...

a real bike with wheels and everything!

Now to back up just a bit

Lizzie has been riding a bike with training wheels

and she hated it


well because her big sis had already figured out how to ride 

without training wheels

So, the race was on and little Lizzie was determined to ditch those training wheels

She tried

and she tried

and with a little help...

those training wheels are history


She was so excited when she won a bike
a two wheel bike - sans training wheels

She had arrived!

Problem is, the bike was too big

Way too big!

 like as tall as Lizzie big

so we traded it in for a puppy

a stuffed puppy (got ya - heh)

a way too big stuffed puppy

like as tall as Lizzie big stuffed puppy

and she couldn't be happier

So, now that she has conquered the 2 wheeler

 she has her sights set on...

another 4 wheeler!
Imagine, this on the roadways!!!!

Oh my!

Might want to brush up on your defensive driving skills in a few years!

Just sayin - hehe!


  1. Congratulations Lizzie! I can't think of a more deserving little girl!