Friday, September 28, 2012

Are We There Yet?

If you are a parent, you are all too familiar with this question.

We hear it constantly on long trips and sometimes, even not so long trips.

Kids are, by nature, impatient, they have a hard time seeing the big picture, like how wonderful it will be or how much fun they are going to have when they get to where they are going.

They need reassurance that the wait will be worth it and feel the need to make certain that we, as their parents, understand that they have been waiting and that waiting is hard and really just not so much fun.

Kids tend to live in the here and now, not really thinking about what lies ahead - the good stuff that comes out of the wait and we, as their wise old parents (snicker), know that learning how to wait, how to be patient, is a good thing.

It builds character.



I should know this, right?


I really do know this but knowing and applying are soooooo different...

knowing is easy...

applying is hard and this wait...

this wait has gotten hard.

There have been many days recently that I have wanted to ask the Lord, "Are we there yet?"

cause I would really like to be there.

It is getting harder to keep my focus on the big picture, to know that good things will come out of this wait and to keep that knowledge in my heart.

There have been days recently that have left me wondering if the blessings would ever come, if we would ever "get there" and yet, while we still wait and as we begin to waiver, the Lord blesses.

I am certain that many times recently, our Heavenly Father has gotten so tired of hearing my complaints and my whining about having to wait, much like we, as parents, get weary of the "are we there yet" question...

and yet He blesses

He knows when I need His beautiful reassurances and He provides just what I need in order to sit back, relax and just let Him continue to do the driving - literally - and this is a hint - hehe...

cause it's not just about the destination and the blessings that will come but about the journey and I need to keep that in my heart - always.

So, just as I was beginning to falter, to wonder and to cry out, He blesses and in a BIG way!


Still no job - YET - but...

He is reassuring us at every step that our precious XM will come home, that she will NOT be forgotten and that He will provide the way

I have seen Him in the hearts of so many as they rally around us, through our fundraising efforts and through this time of trial.

It has been an incredible time of faith building and yes, character building, as we learn to trust and this past weekend, as the wait got hard, He totally blew us away!

Ya see, on the other side of the country, I have a friend, an adoptive mommie friend who has a beautiful, giving heart.

Patty and I began praying for each other a long time ago and through our various trials and triumphs, we supported each other and this past weekend, sweet Patty emailed me.

Sweet Patty emailed and offered us a gift that took my breath away and I knew that the Lord had timed this perfectly - for just this moment as He had done so many times before - just when we needed it - just when we began to ask, "Lord, are we there yet?"

Now, I don't know if you have figured it out yet, but amazing Patty offered us a CAR to sell to help bring our precious XM home!!



After I picked myself up off of the soccer field (heh), I emailed her back, profusely thanked her and just prayed and praised God for blessing us as He teaches us patience by being so incredibly patient with us.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  Psalm 27:14

So, if you live anywhere near the Washington state and are in need of a "new to you" car, here ya go!

Here is a "well loved" 2000, Toyota Sienna minivan with about 209, 566 miles.  Patty is even  throwing in the rooftop cargo carrier!!!

Here is a description of the van and I have lots more pics that I can share with an interested family.
  • There are a few dings and dents on the exterior
  • The tires look great. 
  • The doors all work great - no remote open.
  • The key and remote work.Radio works - not sure about CD
  • Many alignments and tire rotations
  • The power door was disabled 4/15/2011 because it was opening randomly
  • The hatch handle in the rear was replaced 4/15/11
  • New battery 9/2011
  • New tires 12/27/2011
  • It had it's 60,000 and 90,000 tune-up
  • Timing belt changed 2/21/2005
  • New front brakes 4/19/2005
  • Lights replaced on dashboard, ignition replaced 7/13/2009
  • Replaced brake pads 8/11/2009
Patty and I would really love for this van to go to another adoptive family that is growing or maybe a car for a teen to cart their brothers and sisters to school in:)

We are asking $4100 or best offer and aside from taking out the cost of detailing, etc, the rest of the proceeds goes directly to our adoption fund!!


Now, there is a deadline and I truly love that there is.  I have a couple of months to try and sell it and then Patty and her hubby will donate it to their church ministry!


Obviously, this will need to be a family in or close to the Washington state area, so if you live anywhere near there and have been thinking about another car or a second car or if you have a friend who might be interested, please just email me at

Honestly, whether this blessing goes to us or to Patty's church ministry, really doesn't matter because the blessing, for us, has happened already and I am just so thankful for sweet Patty's kind and caring heart and for our amazing Father who has once again answered my "are we there yet" question...

and even though His answer seems to be, not quite yet, He is teaching me to trust as He takes the wheel and... 

asks me not to be such a back seat driver!

I was never good with directions anyway!

Hang on a little longer, sweet girl...

this is the ride of a lifetime and it does not end when you come home precious one!

Oh no, it will just be beginning and what a beautiful journey it will be!

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

hope for an amazing future...



  1. Wow!!!! It looks great - so sweet of Patti!

    1. I KNOW! She is awesome!!! Thanks Kim! See ya this afternoon:)

  2. This just made me cry, Annie!!! What a wonderful thing for Patty to do! :) I will share and pray that it sells. :)

    1. She is just so wonderful, as are you sweet Sharon! Thank you!!!

  3. Wow, Annie! What a generous offer! God is so good! I know how you must feel wondering when you're going to "get there"! My post today shows a mustard seed (only that amount of faith can move a mountain) certainly have a mountain but you have FAITH! :)


  4. Oh, what a generous gift to help bring your XM home!

  5. Hi friend! I passed this along to a sweet friend in need of a car. They have 4 kiddos and NO car right now... Ya just never know...

  6. God is SO good and hope it has already sold!!! XO

    1. Thank you Sharon!!! Not yet but I have had a few inquires!

  7. I will add this to my prayers- that this van sells! Praying for your sweet family! Love, Kim

  8. I sent a message to my family in Washington State; hope it sells!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Four Years!

  9. Oh my goodness! God is so good! Praying for you, sweet Annie!

    1. Thank you Diane!!! Your prayers mean so much!!!

  10. HI! My husband and I are just getting started in this journey of a adoption. Seeing you have been down this road many times is there any advice you can give me. Things I should be aware of or look out for??? Thanks,