Thursday, September 6, 2012

These 3 Boys...

These 3 wonderful boys all have names that start with "C"

They all have hope for a future

They all have dreams for their lives, different dreams but dreams none the less.

These 3 boys could be my boys, with their "C" names and their hopes and dreams for their lives...

only they are not

These 3 wonderful boys are all orphans in China.
They are not related, except by the misfortune that brought them to be orphans.

They are Chaz


and Charlie

and they are all hoping for a family and dreaming of future, a good future, a future full of hope, not fear.

Chaz is the oldest and at 13 years old he is in grave danger of aging out...

which would just break my heart as he has said that he wants a family.  This child doesn't care if it is a big family or a small one, he just wants a family.  

He is said to be a great student and a caring child who looks after the younger kids.  He likes sports and taking apart/putting back together toy cars, as well as reading.

Please watch this video of him (PW is chaz1) in which he says:

After I came to the orphanage, I started to feel I want a family so much. Although we have a stable life here, it’s nothing can compare with to have a real family. I know the government has supported me to go to school and I know I need to study hard. I wish I can have a better environment to study so I can create a better future for myself and also I can do more contribution.

What an amazing young boy!  Sweet Chaz is on the shared list but you can email me at to review his file!

Next is wonderful Chad!

Chad is 12 years old, is healthy and wants a family, just like his best friend, Chaz!  They would make great brothers - just sayin!  His file states that he loves to study (well allrighty then), is helpful and takes care of the younger kiddos.  He is also said to love sports and reading.  I am just floored that this child is still waiting!  

Please watch his video (PW is chad1) in which he says: 

I have been in a foster home before. So I had experience to have parents to live together. Although I am back to the orphanage, I still want to have a forever family, to have forever parents, forever siblings. I hope to have a happy life with them. And I hope I will have a family where I can always feel warm.

Chad Video from Lifeline Children's Services on Vimeo.

What a wonderful kiddo, just waiting for a family!  Sweet Chad is on the shared list but you can email me at to review his file.

Lastly is precious Charlie!!!

Sweet Charlie is also 12 years old and is listed as having no toes on either foot and left side weakness.  This wonderful child desperately wants a family and is referred to as a "sunshine" boy.  It is stated that he is happy and helpful, an avid learner and loves to draw.  He, however, is unhappy when he has to go to school as the other kids tease him about his feet.  Oh my heart! 

My brother has no toes and growing up, that was hard for him too but he had the love and support of a family.  I cannot imagine what it is like to go through this kind of teasing without that love and support! 

I have been in touch with 2 families who have met him and spent time with him and they would love to talk to any interested families about this sweetie!

Please watch one of his precious videos (I have 4) and go here to watch the other 3!  They are all adorable!!!!!  The pw for this video is charlie1

Phil.Charlie MVI 3367 from Lifeline Children's Services on Vimeo.

This wonderful child wants a family, this wonderful child needs a family, could that family be you??

Dear Charlie is also on the shared list but you can email me at to review his file.

So there ya have, my 3 "C" boys!  These 3 boys remind me a lot of my boys and the thought of my boys being without a family is heart breaking.  Please help spread the word about these precious children whose worst special need is not having a family to love them, not having a family to teach them about God's love for them and how they were beautifully and perfectly made!


  1. Such beautiful boys! Praying that they all get a family soon!!

  2. Wish we could go get Chad - he's such a great kid!!

    1. Oh Kim, I know you do!!! Am still praying for you!!!

  3. Sweet boys! I'm hoping our family gets the opportunity to go again! (showing the boys to Eric). :-)