Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Farm

So, I am trying to catch up a little bit here because, well...

we have been busy and because, well...

I keep forgetting to get a picture of Charlie as he trots off to school so I can post my "Back to School - sort of" post!

Caleb also started a home schooling class today that meets once a week but wouldn't ya know it, he lost his shoes...

his shoes that he needs for PE...

and that just would not do and led to...

forgetting his bookbag - on his first day...

which led to...

Momma having to rush back to get his bookbag...

which led to...

Momma forgetting that she had to drive some of the other kids to school and totally messing up that carpool...

Yeah - NOT a good morning...

which led to NO cute pic of Caleb trotting off to school either!

Did I mention that the kids are in 3 different schools this year and if you count home school, that makes 4 different schools!


So, I am going to do a little catching up until I can get a good pic of Charlie and Caleb and because, I am so not ready for school anyway!

So for a little dose of relaxation, I would like to invite you to my brother's farm!

It's nice there

Quiet there

Peaceful there

My Mom bought the grand kids 2 used kayaks for Christmas last year and this day was the first day that we got to try them out and

it was nice

and quiet

and peaceful

and we didn't even bump into one single alligator!

this time!


  1. Replies
    1. It really is a beautiful spot. The kids love to visit and fish:)

  2. LOvin the farm pics- if only everyday was like that day!!

    Sorry about the challenging first day of school... I'd start all over and pretend that the second day was the first day!



  3. That farm looks sooo relaxing! I will close my eyes and imagine myself there for a few days. :-) Laura

    1. Well, you could just come on down, esp after you bring home that certain someone whom I would love to give a big squeeze to:):)

  4. Alligators?!!! Yikes!! :) Your first day story made me laugh although I'm sure it was not funny at the time. Ahh there's always tomorrow.

    1. Hehe! Yep, alligators I can deal with. Snakes, on the other hand... ICK! LOL!!

  5. Totally off topic but have you seen little Annie from New Day South? She reminds me soooo much of your little Lizzie! :)

    1. Aw, she is too cute!!!! SO happy she has a family:):)