Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom had a birthday last week...

yep, she makes 80 something look good y'all!

 To celebrate, we went to the place where birthdays are always celebrated...

 her house...


and even though it was her birthday...

we left feeling celebrated as well, cause this is my Mom..

Mom has such a gift for making you feel listened to and cared about and that definitely leaves you feeling happier!

You leave her presence with a warmth in your heart and a smile on your face.

She listens, she gives, she nurtures, she cooks (yum) and she loves.

Happy Birthday Mom!!


  1. Wow the girls are all getting so big. It's been awhile since I've hopped on over and checked out your blog. We just adopted a little one in November and are now reusing to adopt another little girl from the same place. This will be our 6th child and final adoption :( Everyone looks like they are doing great. Love the update on Lucy. How is Maggie doing?

    1. Jen, that is awesome!!! Hope is just precious and I cannot get over how much Zoe has grown! Maggie is good. She still has her challenges but she is also still full of joy:)

  2. I want to meet your mom! She sounds so wonderful and looks lovely. You have some great genes!

    1. Thank you dear Cheri! Hope all is well with you and your precious bunch!