Monday, October 26, 2009

12 years ago today...

Twelve years ago today our adventure began, our adventure into parenting, that is!! Little did we know the flood gates that were being opened as our very first beautiful baby boy entered this world. I was never a "baby" person. Hubby and I joked about the fact that he could remember people by what cars they drove and I could remember people by what dogs they had! It made for some interesting conversations that went something like this, "Have you met the Jones'?" "I am not sure. Who are they?" "You know, the ones that drive the black Ford Escape and the 1996 red Honda Accord with the bumper sticker that says, Can you fix my husband? He says he's broke!" "Oh, you mean the ones that have the black poodle and the brown shepherd mix!" "Yep, I have met them and their pups are so cute!!" Hehe!!! Anyway, you see, I just did not notice babies or talk about babies or think about babies very much, until...

This one came along!!! The moment I looked in his beautiful big eyes and he smiled at me (I know it was probably gas but hey it was a smile!!!!), I was hooked!!! I was completely blown away by all the intense feelings of love and worry and protectiveness and joy that I was experiencing. It honestly caught me by surprize and shaped the path of our next 12 years. So, my sweet boy, it is all your fault!!!! Hehe!!!

You and your curls!!

You made it easy. You loved being a big brother...

and couldn't wait for a sister...

which lead to another sister...

and now here we are, 12 years and 5 kids later and you are a pre-teen today!!! Wow!! We are so proud of you. You are smart, funny, a soccer star, very resposible and so incredibly loving and instinctvely nurturing. You are so much more comfortable with yourself than I think I am with myself even now!! Happy Birthday sweetheart. Just remember as you become an official teenager next year, I expect to be able to write the same nice stuff about you then - get it!!!! Hehe!!! Love you!!


  1. Love the post. It's hard to believe they're getting so big! Are y'all doing flag football this year?

  2. Handsome guy, LOCK your doors, turn off the phones, the ladies will be calling!

  3. Happy birthday! And I'll bet you can still wear those boots if you try.

  4. Happy Birthday! Great pictures. I, too, have one with lots of curls.

  5. What a gorgeous baby he was!!! And still is!!!
    I always wanted one with curls! Maybe next time...