Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkins and Dragons!!

The talk around here lately has been all about Halloween and Christmas. Nothing at all about Thanksgiving but if you are a 3 year old little girl, Thanksgiving is kind of a boring holiday. I mean no candy or presents?? What's up with that? Having to eat food you really don't like and getting kissed on the cheek over and over by well meaning relatives - nuf said. Anyway, the girls have been eagerly discussing the latest in Halloween costumes and the hot list for Santa (that is if Tonggu Momma doesn't do him in first - hehe). So the favs are (drumroll please), a pumpkin dragon and a dragon Caillou!!! Um, what????? Can ya please give your very non creative Momma a break here!! Whatever happened to cutting two holes in a sheet and throwing it over the kid's head!! Voila, instant ghost. Or how about wrapping your child in tin foil and declaring that he is an astronaut! Thank you Lisa!! That is an all time classic and one that my hubby will never let you forget - I mean will remember forever!! LOL! So I get stuck with a pumpkin dragon and a dragon Caillou!! So not fair!!! Lizzie did manage to pick out some other cute costumes in one of the bazillion catalogs that we get this time of year. The problem is that they are just a tad bit more expensive than an old sheet or tinfoil and she wanted ALL of them!! Sigh!!

Em on the other hand seemed to be more concerned about the Christmas loot!! She has poured over every single catalog that she manages to dig out of the trash and has finally decided that she just wants anything and everything that has to do with babies. Okeeeyyyy!!! The girl is obsessed with babies. Not just baby dolls! Noooo that would be too easy! She loves REAL babies and all the REAL baby stuff that goes along with REAL babies!! I had to break it to her that at the age of (gulp) 46, Momma is NOT having any more babies and at the ripe old age of 3, she is DEFINITELY NOT having any babies, so we compromised on baby doll accessories, cause a Mommie-in-training or MIT as we will hope for (as in graduate), HAS to accessorize!!!

So here I am with a pumpkin dragon and a Caillou dragon to figure out and no clue what to do!! I have never encouraged the Disney Princesses and have sometimes actively kept them out of the house but geez!!! Can I get one Princess this year, maybe a Ballerina?? I would even go for Tinkerbell - maybe!! Hehe!! As far as the babydoll stuff goes, I guess I should think about all the money Em will make when she starts babysitting!! College fund here we come!!! Whoo Hoo!!!


  1. I guess the good side is you are not hearing from the boys about this yet??

  2. Yeah, not YET anyway!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Hey now! It was HIS fault! Heh. And might I suggest a pumpkin dragon? Dragon outfit + orange dye = pumpkin dragon! Right?

  4. Super cute post. Our daughter is going to be 2 in November (adopted from China in January 09). We are going with a boring ladybug costume. I can't wait until she has her own thoughts on a costume...LOL! BTW...I found your blog through another adoption blog.
    Many Blessings,

  5. Love the babydoll stuff! Love baby dolls!!!!!!

  6. Pumpkin costume, add a green felt jagged tail and if you are extra bored some felt "wings" attached to the sleeves. As for the Caillou dragon, there was an episode where he was playing "castle" and Gilbert, the cat, was the dragon. Maybe you can convince her to go as Gilbert. It is a sad comment on my life that I know all the Caillou episodes!
    Amy Stapleton