Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Children Who Wait....

Since Lizzie's adoption and actually traveling to China and seeing first hand the beautiful children who wait and who may forever wait, I am forever changed. As our plane left Hong Kong that June morning and I held our precious new daughter close to me, I realized that a little piece of my heart had been left behind. Left with all the other precious children who still wait. As I held Lizzie on that plane, looked into her eyes (and she into mine for the first time) and sang to her, I realized that this was probably the first time that she had ever been held like this and lovingly sung to and then I thought about the thousand's of times that I had held and sung to our other children and I began to cry. For the first time, I understood what our beautiful little girl had not gotten the first 2 years of her life. She had been fed and changed and bathed but not truly loved. I cried for the times that I had missed with our sweet Lizzie and what had been taken from her and I cried for all the other children who had never been held and sung to and never really made to feel loved. Some of these children will eventually, finally feel the love of a family, most however, will not. I wish I could advocate for ALL of these kids. I wish that ALL of these kids could find families, but I do what I can and every now and then a waiting child will grab my heart. There are 3 right now that I check on every day. Everyday, hoping to see that they are "on hold" or that they are "matched" but they still wait and have been waiting.

The first is an adorable little 5 year old boy on Christian World Adoption's WC list. He has the sweetest face but he does not smile. In his video he looks so incredibly sad and I just want to wrap my arms around him and "make it all better." He has limb differences of both hands but is very functional and I know that his hands will not stop him from doing what ever he sets his mind to - just ask my Lizzie!!! Please go take a look or tell a friend about him. The website is and his number is c0907-36.

The second is a sweet little girl on Small World Adoption's list whose name is Anna. Anna has been waiting a really long time and the agency is afraid that her file might be sent back to China very soon. I really do not understand why this little one has waited so long for her family. I have seen emails from a couple of people who have actually met her and say that she is just precious and that she is in a good place. She has several special needs but seems to be doing really well and thriving and did I mention how adorable she is?? The website is Please go look. She has been waiting a dangerously long time!!

The third is close to my heart because she has waited far too long for a family and because she is listed with Lifeline Children's Services which is the agency that our Lizzie waited with until we found her!!! Josie is a beautiful and amazing 10 year old girl. She has what I think are 2 clubfeet and several other issues with her hip and joints but she is so incredibly functional. Her video is simply inspiring. This is what is written about her on Lifeline's website: "Lovely and active, is the impression from everyone who meets Josie for the first time. Whenever you see her,she always looks happy. Josie likes beautiful clothes and headdress, and often asks foster mother to buy some for her and help her to dress up. Beautiful Josie has a ready smile and also laugh aloud which moves the people around her. If there are things at home,Josie always helps positively no matter if she has ability to do it. When guests come to visit the family, Josie is always very polite, greets the guests and offers her seat to them, then ask mother to prepare tea for them." Please, again, go and look or tell a friend. The website is

Please help spread the word so that they may find their families and wait no longer!!!!!

This is a picture of Lizzie (pre-us) in her orphanage, crib surfing!!

This is just one room of the orphanage and you can see the number of cribs in this one room - 18 to be exact. This is one room in one orphanage in China. There are so many, too many children who still wait, who hold that little piece of my heart. I cannot help them all tonight but I can try to help these 3 tonight. Please help too!!!


  1. Could you give me a little more information about Anna? Do you know where she is living right now? I would like to be able to ask them a few questions if possible. We live near Boston Children's hospital, so we have access to good medical care for her. My email address is, if you would prefer to email me rather than post a comment. Thank you.

  2. Good for you in your attempt to advocate for these three childre. We need more and more AP's to take on the task of speaking for those left behind.

  3. Thank you Kay. I appreciate everything you do!!! Karin, I will email you with some info.

  4. I don't know about Lizzie's head, but Austin has long lasting effects of those blasted cribs. I'm so thankful he is with us, not at the orphanage. Like you, I think of those sweet faces I saw when I visited the orphanage. Changed me forever. Jennie